Normally the scalp skin sheds its cells like body skin. When this exceeds normal level, the shed scalp skin appears as flakes on hair and shoulders. There are innumerable causes for dry flaky scalp.

1.Dry winter season leads to flaky scalp.

2.Dandruff can lead to sticky flakes accompanied by itching.

3.Scalp psoriasis causes flaking of scalp.

4.Red, itchy, scaly patches on scalp may be due to Seborrhoeic dermatitis .

5.Dirt, smoke and polluted air can also cause dry flaky scalp.

6.Blow drying can trigger dry scalp.

Home remedies for dry flaky scalp.

1.Massage the scalp with ayurveda herbal hair oil. Select the hair oil which has herbs like bramhi, amla, neem, bhringaraja etc. Scalp massage increases blood supply to scalp skin and increases supply of nutrients to hair follicles. According to texts of ayurveda, massaging scalp with herbal oil normalizes vata and reduces hair loss. Scalp massage also prevents drying of hair and scalp .This massage process increases hair growth and checks formation of dandruff. The herbs in hair oil boost the scalp skin health.

2.Use a mild herbal shampoo to wash off excess oil from scalp.

3.Do not scratch or brush the scalp too hard. Brush hair gently before washing scalp and hair. Keep the scalp clean by washing it thrice in a week.

4.Avoid long showers in hot water. Hot water dries up the scalp.

5.Let your hair dry naturally. Keep blow driers at bay.

6.Wear a hat in summer to protect it from the heat of sun.

7.Soak 2-3 tea spoons of fenugreek seeds in water. Leave it overnight. Grind these soaked seeds in water to make a smooth paste. Leave this paste for 30 minutes to thicken. Add little water to make it thin and apply this on scalp and hair. This acts as an excellent conditioner. Rinse the hair after 30 minutes.

8.Pluck some hibiscus leaves and flowers. Grind them into a thin paste adding water. Apply this green magic formula to scalp and hair. Wash the scalp and hair after 40 minutes. This helps to increase the scalp health and prevents dry scalp.

9.Chose some juicy aloevera leaves and collect the sap. Massage this sap on scalp and hair. Wash it off after 20 minutes. The juice of aloevera acts as a best moisturizer.

10.Consult your family physician if the dryness of scalp does not reduce even after these home remedies.

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