Ulcerative colitis is a condition where ulcer formation occurs in the large intestine, which happens mostly due to any long standing inflammation of the colons. Common symptoms may include abdominal pain, anorectal bleeding and fluctuating bowel movements diarrhea and constipation). This increases the frequency of going to the toilet. There may be associated complaints of headaches, stress, reduced sleep, burning sensation etc. In this article, we will talk about a very common IBD (Inflammatory bowel disease) named Ulcerative colitis and its ayurvedic management in detail. 

Ayurvedic point of view

In Ayurveda, ulcerative colitis can be related to conditions like Raktapitta, Raktaja grahani or Rakthathisara depending on the manifestation of symptoms. Here, Rakta atisara is included under Paithika type of Atisara (diarrhoea). Just like any other disease the treatment approach towards ulcerative colitis too highly depends on diet and lifestyle change along with proper Ayurvedic medications. In these cases, Ayurveda mainly focuses on protecting the Agni and pacifying the Pitta since it is a metabolic disorder. When modern science interprets its causes as unknown or autoimmune, Ayurveda elaborates the Pitta dosha vitiating factors as its prime cause. These causes may become the triggering factor for autoimmune conditions of ulcerative colitis. As pitta dosha is disturbed the entire metabolism is impaired here. Agnimandya (reduced digestive power) is given utmost consideration.

Due to the presence of ulcers, Ayurvedic drugs having vrana shodhana (purification of ulcers) and ropana (healing) properties are made use. Moreover Amapachana (removal of toxins) is done whenever required. Herbs like Lodhra (Symplocos racemosa), Musta (Cyperus rotundus) ,Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna) ,Vasa (Adhatoda vasica) and various others are best suited for this condition.

Ulcerative colitis

Habits to adopt

Generally, for a healthy person, Ayurveda advises to include all the six tastes in food daily. But in ulcerative colitis, tastes like katu (spicy), amla(sour) and lavana (salt) should be reduced as it aggravates the Pitta dosha. Above all, the salt taste increases ushnata (body heat) and does oja kshaya (reduces ojas). Since ojas can be related to immunity as well, oja kshaya further disables the already weakened immunity in an ulcerative colitis patient. Hence medicines and food that has the ability to modulate the immune system need to be selected for such patients. In addition to this, dairy products and intake of incompatible food items should be avoided.

Stress and inadequate sleep may further aggravate the symptoms of ulcerative colitis. Therefore, winning over stress and getting adequate sleep becomes mandatory. These help in healing of the body.

General Management

Ulcerative colitis affects the Purisha Vaha  srotas (stool carrying channels), and the affected areas are mainly dominated by Apana vata (sub-type of vata dosha). Hence Kashaya basti (medicated enema) with Udumbara Kashaya (medicated enema with decoction of Ficus racemosa) is found to be very effective. It has potent Vrana Shodhana (purifies ulcers) property and also pacifies Pitta as well as Vata dosha. Classical Ayurvedic formulations like Dadimashtaka churna, changeryadi ghrita, Bilwadi kasaya, kaidiryadi Kashayam and several other effective combinations are used generally for the successful treatment of ulcerative colitis.

Herbal Remedies from Planet Ayurveda for the treatment of ulcerative colitis

Planet ayurveda is a trusted and famed organisation serving mankind with lots of herbal products. These herbal products are safe and prepared using standardized extract of herbs. The best part is that they don't have any type of side effect.

Let's have a look at these wonderful formulations

  1. Vatsakadi churna
  2. Arjuna capsules
  3. Vasaka Capsules
  4. Motion Stop Tablets
  5. Coolstrin-A Capsules
  6. Coolstrin-B capsules
  7. Pitta balance

Products Description

1) Vatsakadi Churna

Vatsakadi churna is a powder formulation from Planet Ayurveda prepared from the purest form of herbs. The main ingredients are Saunf (Foeniculum vulgare), Bilwa (Aegle marmelos), Dhania (coriandrum sativum), Dadima (Punica granatum), Ela (Elettaria Cardamomum) and Jaiphal (Myristica fragrans). It is a wonderful medicine that gives impressive results in ulcerative colitis and related complications. The herbs present in it helps in improving the digestive strength and tones the intestine.

Dosage – 1 teaspoonful with plain water, twice daily, after meals

2) Arjuna Capsules

Planet Ayurveda brings the Arjuna capsules which are made from the standardized extract of the bark of Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna). Arjuna has got stambhana property with which it can arrest bleeding and bind loose stools. It heals the wound in ulcerative colitis and aids in proper circulation of blood.

Dosage – 1 capsule twice daily with normal water, after the meals.

3) Vasaka Capsules

These herbal capsules are manufactured with pure extract of potent herb vasaka (Adhatoda vasica).Vasak as a herb is very effective for seization of bleeding and hence can be used potentially in ulcerative colitis. In addition this herb also have anti inflammatory properties which makes it more useful in inflammatory conditions. vasaka is also having antihelmetic effect and hence removes intestinal worms very effectively.

Dosage – 1 capsule twice daily with normal water, after the meals.

4) Motion Stop Tablets

Planet Ayurveda manufactures the Motion Stop tablets which is proven to be helpful in ulcerative colitis and other metabolic disorders. As the name suggests, it relieves the discomforts of altered bowel movements especially when there is loose stool. It is prepared out of herbal ingredients like

  • kutaja (Holarrhena antidysenterica)
  • Bilwa (Aegle marmelos)
  • Haridra (Curcuma longa)
  • Dadima (Punica granatum)
  • Musta (Cyperus rotundus)

Dosage – 1-2 tablets with plain water once or twice daily, after meals.

5) Coolstrin-A capsules

Planet Ayurveda presents the Coolstrin-A capsules which can be used judiciously in colon related infections like ulcerative colitis. The main ingredients used for its preparation are

  • Dadima (Punica granatum)
  • Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna)
  • Vasaka ( Adhatoda vasica)
  • Agaru (Aquilaria agallocha)
  • Marigold (Tagetes erecta)

These herbs have a wonderful effect in bleeding disorders.

Dosage – 1 capsule twice daily with normal water, after meals

6) Coolstrin-B capsules

Planet Ayurveda introduces the other variant of Coolstrin capsules as Coolstrin-B capsules. These are made from the herbal extracts of

  • Nagakesara (Mesua fera)
  • Mochras (Salmalia malabarica)
  • Lodhra (Symplocos racemosa)
  • Dhathaki (Woodfordia fruticosa)
  • Lajjalu (Mimosa pudica) etc

Dosage –1 capsule twice daily, with normal water, after the meals.

7) Pitta Balance Capsules

As the name implies, the Pitta balance capsules from Planet Ayurveda aims at pacifying pitta dosha in the body. This action is crucial in conditions like Ulcerative colitis where there is aggravated pitta dosha. Hence it mainly consists of cooling herbs like Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia) and calcium compounds like

  • Praval pishti (coral calcium)
  • Akik pishti (Agate calcium)
  • Jahar Mohra pishti
  • Mukta pishti (Pearl calcium)
  • Kamdudha ras

Dosage – 1 capsule twice daily with plain water after meals.


Ayurveda can provide a complete and prolonged relief from the discomforts of ulcerative colitis by taking timely and accurate measures. It endows the patient with a healthy gastro-intestinal tract and an appropriate digestive capacity. Planet Ayurveda is successfully treating Ulcerative Colitis patients for decades through Ayurveda. So, everyone suffering from this problem can easily grab this blessing by Contacting Planet Ayurveda

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