Ayurveda is a science which deals with the prevention of the disease in the initial stage. Also having a medicinal cure at some stages. Ayurveda mainly concentrates on causes of this disease like piles fissure and fistula. The reason behind these diseases is constipation hard stool unsatisfactory bowel movements straining at stool long time sitting long time driving. If the patient comes to us at the Vitthal piles center and vithai piles hospital in PCMC, we all listen to the habits of Patients.

We also record the daily routine activities of patients. If the disease is in its initial state then and we prescribed him some medicines which cause easy defecation. By that medicine's patient does not require any type of straining at stool. Some medicines are increases the basil tone situated in the anal canal. Which prevents the dilatation of anal veins? We advise some changes in their daily routine to help better digestion and easy modification.

If the patient follows the advised things he or she will not produce search types of diseases in a lifetime. If the fissure is there in the initial stage that is an acute fissure in ano then we give us some preparation of ayurvedic medicines which smoothing effect can help to heal the fissure wound also daily dilatation along with that describe Ayurveda smoothing agent will help to relax anal canal. Buy that such type of disease can be prevented from further progress. Some patients who are not indicated for surgeries can be treated with these medicines.

Ksharsutra treatment is another type of treatment for fistula in ano which is probably the best treatment for fistula in ano. In this statement, the kshar sutra is applied in in fistula tract. The ayurvedic medicines applied over the kshar sutra scraps out the and healthy fistulous tract and help to heal the fistula wound.

All these types of treatments are available at Vitthal piles center Dange chowk Pimpri-Chinchwad and vithai piles hospital kasarwadi Pimpri-Chinchwad Pune.

We square measure the quick developing and promising whole within the field of opening illness treatment centers. we have a tendency to square measure providing painless, while not operation, daycare, price-effective treatment for the last eight years & spreading a smile over thousands of patients.

The treatment we offer square measure advanced and of various modalities in keeping with pathology. Dr. Atul Patil piles specialists give ayurvedic still as medical aid treatment as per want of patients. Conjointly he's giving optical maser treatment, Kshar sutra literature treatment for Piles, Fissure, Fistula. The Institute conjointly with success treated complex/recurrent, complete or partial horseshoe ?stula cases with an incontinence rate of 1/3 (follow-up time of no but five years). These styles of? stula area unit handled by a special combination of strategies. Our Vithai piles clinic is that the best piles clinic in Pimpri Chinchwad, Pune.

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