What is Ayurvedic Treatment?

Ayurvedic treatment is a traditional Hindu therapeutic practice. It was originated in India but now it is used worldwide. Ayurvedic treatment includes lifestyle modification, herbal medicines, and diet to treat any kind of disease.

What are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids or mulvyadh or piles are swollen blood vessels near the anus and rectum area. It can be classified into Internal and External hemorrhoids. Internal piles are found inside the rectum and cannot be seen. External piles can be seen outside the anus.
Based on the stages of the disease piles can be classified into 4 grades as follows:

Grade 1 and early stages of grade 2 piles can be easily cured through ayurvedic treatment. In grade 1 patient has bleeding or itching but no prolapse. In grade 2 mass of hemorrhoids comes out but after the bowel movement or defecation, it goes back. In grade 3 when mass comes out during bowel movement, it can be manually pushed back. In grade 4 mass cannot go inside after defecation and even cannot be manually pushed back.

Symptoms of Piles

  • Bleeding while passing stools.
  • A feeling of a lump near the anal area.
  • Itching around the anal area.
  • A blood clot in the hemorrhoids leads to painful.
  • swelling which worsens with bowel movements.
  • Ayurvedic Treatment for Piles at Healing Hands Clinic

    Healing Hands Clinic provides ayurvedic therapies and herbal medications for the treatment of piles or mulvyadh. Initial stages of hemorrhoids can be easily cured through medicines. Only the later stages require surgery for piles. At Healing Hands Clinic, MCDPA regimen is used for the treatment of piles, fissure, and constipation.

    M: Medication: Medications are used to relieve patients from swelling, itching, and irritation. Patients are advised anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics creams to relieve burning at the anal region.

    C: Constac: It is stool softener for Hard Stools and also solves the problem of gas, acidity, and other digestive ailments.

    D: Diet: Healing Hands Clinic provides nutritional counseling to patients and also encourages them to take fruits and healthy products.

    P: Physiotherapy: Physiotherapy or KEEGAL Exercise is done to strengthen pelvic floor muscles which become weaken due to piles or constipation.

    A: Ayurvedic Therapy: Ayurvedic oils are used to treat early stages of piles by inserting ayurvedic oil through the catheter into the rectum; prepared at Healing Hands Herbal Services.

    Till date, more than 50,000 patients have been cured through ayurvedic therapies and advanced medicines at Healing Hands Clinic. Dr. Vishwanathan Venkatesan is the renowned proctologist in Bengaluru for the treatment of various anorectal disorders such as piles, fissure, fistula, pilonidal sinus, constipation, hernia, rectal prolapse, and others. The clinic has an internationally recognized team of doctors and surgeons at all the centers including Pune, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Chinchwad, Baner, Kothrud, Nashik and Bengaluru.

    For more information visit: https://www.healinghandsclinic.co.in/mcdpa/

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