Taking care of yourself when in a romance is as important as
the relationship itself. Before you help your partner, you must first take care of yourself.
Surely you know the old saying that you can't give
things you don't have. As long as you feel happy and at peace, you will never have a
happy and calm romantic relationship.

If you decide to skip the basic steps and dive deep into the tricky waters, there is a real
possibility that you will go straight into a whirlpool. That is why it is important
do everything in your power to strengthen yourself before you go in over your head.

Before you can face the fundamental problems of your relationship, you need to recognize and understand them.
Follow the personality traits of your chosen lover. You need to know these things before you can have
have a long term romance.

Is this your potential soul mate?
Is he thoughtful, caring and caring? Is he self-sufficient or in need and constantly starting to ask for help?
Always asking for cash? Maybe he doesn't have enough money to pay rent, or make a car payment, or worst of all ... child support!
if you can't open a wallet or a checkbook for him to get a payday loan, do you risk never seeing him again?

Do you ever get used to it? Nobody wants to play games when in love. Sometimes, we see
patterns that generate loud warnings. In the meantime, only get angry at the individual who brings the warning.
Just playing at avoiding the truth is a big mistake. You can spend time with the new people, but if .
you are not on the dating block and unreachable, when you find yourself in a sad romance, it will be discouraging.

The determination to stay true doesn't matter
Promise that you will take care of yourself, no matter what happens. Your true love is waiting to find you. A partner who is always by your side will eventually make you feel helpless. You have a better chance of getting involved with someone new.

It is likely that your partner will perceive you as someone who is emotionally dependent and in need. It is a proof of emotional instability that your partner cannot escape, which causes an endless need for care and attention.
Another reason is that it can be a real burden for one to feel full responsibility for the happiness of another.
Most people feel the need to run away if that is the case. When the checkbook is empty, or running out of money, a partner who has no money will soon go to greener pastures. Don't try to stop him. It's already too late.

The partner, who tries to be everything to the other, then feels anger and resentment. Is that what you're saying?
When will the relationship stop having fun and playing? Why did you not recognize the first warning signs
before you gave your heart and soul to a fool?

Now you know better ,
If you value yourself and believe in setting boundaries early, your ability to escape emotional pain
in a relationship will come from a place full of energy and strength. It will come out of you.
True, lasting, love can not be threatening. Want to know how your love looks? Want to see a sketch of your soulmate?

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