There are a large number of cold calls that we receive on a daily basis. While a few of them might be for lead generation, most of the others are meant for the purpose of B2B appointment setting. This has transpired because of the escalation in competition in the industry. One needs to have business to survive and business will only come when one markets. Therefore, more and more people are relying on such techniques of Lead Generation and B2B appointment setting as email marketing, websites and telemarketing.

There is, however, a fundamental difference between these three forms of marketing. Email marketing is not extensively intrusive. An individual can read it at leisure and can even decide what has to be read and what not. Websites, on the other hand, are a form of pull marketing where the visitors are pulled towards it. Telemarketing, on the contrary, is simple- You receive the call or you don’t. There is no middle path that can be explored. With such intrusiveness, one might feel that this medium should not be explored at all. However, it is one of the most effective ways of reaching out as it gives the marketer an opportunity of knowing the views of the recipient, of the marketing message, live.

However, an increasing number of calls are missed by individuals, especially the ones who frequently travel. Voice-mail, in that case, happens to be the only resort with you. The question, though, is whether you should leave a voice mail or not. Different people present different thoughts on the same.

One of the approaches to B2B Appointment Setting is that you continuously leave voice mails till you get to speak with the individual. While it might work with some individuals, the strategy will fall on its face in case of a lot of others. The reason is that by continuously piling on the voice mails, you are increasing the frustration levels of the individual even before you have had an opportunity of speaking with him/her. The better strategy, on the other hand, will be to leave one voice mail only. The voice mail has to be extremely compelling so as to almost persuade the listener to come back to you. If that voice mail is not responded to, then you can get the number back to the calling list. Hence, the individual receives only one voice call and is not bombarded with a large number of the same.

Therefore, while voice mails work with appointment setting; they have to be carefully utilized.

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