A successful B2B market is the one who knows his customer very well. After all, business is all about customers and their satisfaction. So, what are the ways where you can get in touch with your customers and their demands? I would say, we have discussed so many techniques but here the discussion is about something new and innovative that embarks great impact on the customers. So what is that? The answer is Event Marketing or you say Trade marketing.

Event marketing is the one where you can show-off your new product that you plan to launch. It gives perfect exposure to your company and obviously to your product also. At event management you get variety of customers who love to interact with you, and at the same time that is a perfect time to advertise your company to the greatest level. But let me say, like I said it’s not that easy to implement and that too successfully.

When I say it’s not very easy to make your campaign success, then, one thing I must add that there are ways and strategies to formulate the success. So, here are 5 successful strategies for a successful B2B marketing.

Here we go...

Ground Level Marketing:

Pre show marketing or ground level marketing can be defined as the process and practice that is required before launching your exhibition in the campaign. It’s a very important step for any event show, as to make yourself ready to interact with your customers. Along with, you need to prepare your exhibition stand as such it is highlighted and attractive so that your customers and clients won’t find difficulties to search you.

Social Media:

Easy to access, and easy to reach your audience! The social media is such a tool that can be used effectively. And with so many sites available, the possibilities are endless. Through social networking websites you can promote your event, along with, you can also invite people to come and know about your product as wells as company.

Especially on Twitter you can create a buzz about your product and campaign date, so as it stimulates the customer to come and get more information about your product. By this you can create brand value of your company as well.

Direct Email Marketing:

It’s always good to move forward, but do keep one thing in your mind that old customers are also one of the major strength of your marketing principles. The best way to be in contact with them is direct mail. Remember, old customers love to get direct mails and sometimes phone calls also, as it makes them more valuable, and so you can trust them also. Whenever, you are launching a new product and that also promoting the product at event campaign it’s always better to invite your old customers to come and experience the new product that might convince them to use and at the same time convince others to buy that product.

Direct Networking:

Direct networking otherwise can be termed as face-to-face marketing. This is most vital as here you have to interact directly to your customers. Before the start of your campaign you need to plan your strategies accordingly so that your customers won’t find any miscommunication.
Make sure you have a private meeting space to discuss sales with your customers. By this, they will appreciate the chance to talk with you in a busy environment where hundreds of other campaigns will be there to absorb your necessary customers.

Freebies and Booklets:

Customers always want something from you. And if you are able to deliver them, then it would be a cherry on the ice cake. White paper and booklets where they get more information about you and your company would be a great option for the better response.

Post-Show Marketing and Following up:

After successfully finishing the event show don’t think that is done. Even after the trade show, there are few formalities that are very essential. You need to follow up your customers who have showed interest on you and your products.

Remember, trade show at the event exhibition might be a tough task for your marketing and sales team, but once it’s been done properly it would show you great results. The matter is how efficiently you are doing your pre marketing and post marketing work so that it attracts your customers so as you can convert them to leads, and then REVENUE.



Author's Bio: 

Linda Mentzer is a published author and senior marketing manager for an information management company that has helped sell thousands of software products on a global scale. With over 11 years of experience in electronic marketing techniques, Linda has authored articles for several leading business journals, worldwide.