During the "two sessions" in 2012, Chen Deming, Minister of Commerce has pointed out that China e-commerce trade volume has reached ¥6 trillion, accounting 13% of GDP; retailing e-business ( B2C, C2B, C2C) has reached ¥0.8 trillion. The industry has been deemed as the most potential industry.

B2B e-business trade volume has reached ¥ 5.2 trillion, accounting 11.4 % of GDP.

With government support, B2B business could enjoy preference measures and state-owned banks

But the market is not so generous because the competition is fierce, and many B2B e-business enterprises have been shut down.

According to a survey, some B2B service provider complained that the profit is slim and they have invested too much for a long time, the expected return is still the imagination for them.

B2B has entered a bottleneck period during the development. One major problem is credit issue because some B2B websites recruited many under-qualified suppliers and untrue international buyers, so the international business is not guaranteed; either side may have been fraud due to untrue and unverified information.

Chinese government is calling on establishing a complete credit system for e-business, including B2B, B2C, C2C.

Now here is good news that IBUonline as a B2B platform has joined hands with CCTV.com website to launch a verification system to ensure buyers or sellers are reliable business partners, who may get logo issued by CCTV.com.

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