Being raised Catholic, on All Saints and All Souls days we would meditate about the most saintly and then the people we most loved who had passed away. What if as salespeople, we set out similar holidays: All Sales Do’s and All Sales Don’ts Days. Turn your focus from your don’ts into just the opposite to make it easier to find the do’s.

Here are the Top Ten All Sales Don’ts to depart from:

1. Procrastinate on high payoff activities. Do things that don’t get you closer to finding a prospect or helping a new customer.

2. Follow up is a hit or miss process. Call or meet with a prospect just once or twice and expect the timing to be perfect that they buy.

3. Make your presentation about yourself first. People want to listen to what you have to say so just go into your sales spiel.

4. Listen to respond. While you know someone has a concern or question, just tell them what you want them to hear.

5. Continue to dwell on lost sales. Schedule a pity party for yourself when you lose a sale.

6. Engage in marketing activities that everyone else engages in. As you see that extroverts love networking, you should network. Do what everyone else is doing.

7. Sell for the money. Keep your sales commission in mind.

8. Take rejection personally. If you lose a sale, it is your fault. Go back to All Sales Don’t number five.

9. Everybody is a prospect. Whatever your product or service, everyone will need or want it.

10.Communicate the way you want to. Since it is easy and most comfortable to communicate in your own style, that’s going to help you put your best foot forward.

It’s time to put these ‘All Sales Don’t’ list to rest! Let them stay buried as in the All Souls Day. Turn your focus to the All Sales Do’s – those are virtually the opposite of these All Sales Don’ts. As you find yourself doing less and less of the All Sales Don’ts, celebrate your success on your self-appointed All Sales Do’s Day.

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