At Babble Space KidsCafe, a lovely atmosphere suitable for spending time eating, partying, socializing together parents can sit comfortably, their children can live without bored. Where are the คาเฟ่เด็ก? Let's see.

Is where the little ones can fully release the fun. We have created a fun area of 150 sqm. We focus on using both babies and toddlers and small children. You can sit and take care of your little ones to the fullest from the resting area. Or can sit down and sit together.

We charge 300 baht for children under 11 years and 80 baht for parents. If you come to use the service after 5 pm, the little one will get a 50% discount too.

Do you know? Children also have cafes! Without problems "since having a child Never had a casual meal. Babble Space KidsCafe is the best place that should answer this matter Because one of the problems of parents with small children when having to eat out aside from having to keep looking for suitable restaurants there are facilities for the baby to share the table with your parents without being a burden to those around you.

If faced with the problem of baby-making sloppy, crying, fussy or rampant while in the restaurant. Parents would probably eat bad food.

Because he was considerate of both the staff and others in the shop,
but the restaurant, the children's cafe is a restaurant that is designed to support children, whether it be food, decorative items, activities, including ready-to-play toys.

Therefore, ABK's mother team has collected children's cafes, family cafes, for those who have plans to take the little ones to eat, play, and play. Find activities to do outdoors to build a good relationship in the family must have a Babble Space KidsCafe where we want to be here. That, however, will have somewhere to follow by!

Our children 's cafe is transformed into a place where children can leap around with 2 large trampolines that can carry up to 60 kilograms of weight, allowing the children to have fun with building big muscles. There is also a fun rock climbing equipment that is used as a rock climbing equipment used in the large Fitness, which is strong and safe. Used in this children's cafe as well.

At Babble Space KidsCafe, we created a slider. For children and adults, almost 2 meters tall, built-in this Babble Space children's cafe. The inside is reinforced with 6 boxes of steel, which can support the weight of 2 adults and 2 children at the same time.

The Babble Space children's cafe has a Montessori-themed toy. Which is a wooden toy for children to play together, with more than 20 pieces ever

Also, our children's cafe has a beautiful pearl white ball that has more than 5,000 balls for children to swim in the ball to have fun. Strengthening muscles is important for the growth of young children. Dr. Benz has designed a children's cafe that focuses on the development of young children.

Babble Space, a children's cafe, was built on the idea that If the mother is happy, the house will be happy and the mother can be happy. Children must be happy first. Therefore, this place will be cleaned every 20 minutes. Toys will always be cleaned and kept in place. Causing every customer who walks into our shop Will to receive equal fun and happiness Whether before or after.

For mothers with small children who are sitting and crawling, they can bring their children to the Baby zone. This zone allows children to lie and play with the mother comfortably. With soft cushion and toys as according to the age of the younger Including books for young children Sound toys

The Babble Space Kids Cafe has a kitchen set which is a simulated kitchen set built specifically for the height of the child and is very realistic.

Playhouse. We put the model house in the children's cafe as well. In which the model house will have a small bed baby doll Dressing table Dining table And a cart for pushing his little doll

Mini Piano is a piano with a key to the sound. If you want your child to come and discover his great talent

Also, We Offer:

Food and drink that is delicious We have services such as hot drinks. Cold-pressed fruit juice Or whether it's coffee or tea Or low-calorie pearl milk tea Including many foods from K Space that are ready to deliver fresh food to you We provide healthy snacks for children aged 1 and up, but we reserve the right to not allow food or beverages to be brought outside. Except for breast milk or baby food only.

Graduated Doctor of Education from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. We are committed to promoting the development of young children. And we believe that playing is the best learning.

We organize activities for sharing information. And guidance on how to prepare for raising children You can follow our schedule on Facebook at "Babble Space Kidscafe".

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