Congratulations! You are the proud parent of a new baby. Naturally, you want your baby to grow up healthy. This means taking care of your baby's growing body, but it also means taking care of their developing brain. Check out these 5 tips for making sure your baby's brain develops properly.

Baby Talk

Babies actually begin learning to talk right out of the womb. They do this by listening to voices. Babies then try to copy the sounds they hear. When parents speak in melodious baby talk, they are actually making it easier for a baby's brain to distinguish between different sounds. Therefore, don't be ashamed to do use that baby talk! Linguistics call it motherese, and it's important for your baby's brain.

Visual Stimulation

Make sure your baby has intriguing things to look at when he or she is not interacting with fellow humans. This can be a mobile or an interesting toy. This can help with color recognition and depth perception.

Brain Foods

Study up on some of the best brain foods for your baby. Some of these foods are bananas, blueberries, avocados, and lentils. Avocados have lots of healthy fats, and a growing brain actually need fats to develop properly. Bananas and blueberries have plenty of good vitamins, and lentils can get your baby's brain some protein.

Stay in Touch

Babies love physical contact with their caregivers. Babies are also in tune with their mother's scent. Being in close quarters with your baby helps facilitate bonding and comfort. Spend plenty of time holding and socializing with your baby. When you put your baby down, be sure to give him or her a quick wave or a smile from across the room. A baby's brain loves this attention!

Music Time

Baby brains love to hear music. Interestingly, music, language, and mathematics are all processed in similar areas of the brain. This means exposing your child's brain to soothing music may help development in other areas. Try leaving soft baby music on during play time or nap time. You may even come to find that you enjoy listening to the music yourself!

A baby's brain will do more developing during its first year than during any other time in life. Make sure all of this development is done right by following some of the tips above. Also, don't hide your questions from professionals. For example, you could check out the professionals at places NeuroHealth Arlington Heights or a similar firm in your own neighborhood! That way you can make sure that your baby has proper brain development and on their way to a full and healthy life. It definitely never hurts to get professional advice.

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