Baby show games are the heart and soul of the soiree thrown for the new would-be mother. With the coming of the baby, the occasion is perfect to have some heartfelt fun and frolic. The mother is stressed out to the core because of the anxiety. You can cut her some slack by showering her with the best baby shower. Baby shower games, gifts and a lavish spread is all it takes to make the mom-to-be happy and cheery. Friends and family gather to celebrate the coming of the little angel. It is a blessed and happy moment for all.

Break the ice with goofy games for people aging 19 to 90:

Play-doh dolls: get some play-doh and ask the guests to carve the perfect baby. The mother-to-be shall be the judge of which baby looks perfect and the worst. This creative and innovative game is the best to kick off the party.

Dirty diapers: this game spells ‘FUN’ everywhere. Buy abundant candy bars. Melt them in the microwave and then pour the gooey chocolate in diapers. Keep the diapers open and ask the guests, one by one to guess which candy bar was used to dirty the diaper.

Ducking for nipples: you need to fill two buckets with water and throw baby nipples in them. Ask the participants to nab the nipples with their teeth. This game is hysterical to watch. It will break the ice immediately.

Poker face: ask your friends to supply you some pictures of their childhood. Pin it up and ask the guests to guess who is who.

Giddy up for gifts:

Baby shower games are an excuse, but the real treat is the gifts. A baby shower is the time the mother-to-be enjoys because of the surprises she is presented with. Strollers are a common and the best gift item any mother would love to receive.

The Chicco and Graco effect:

Chicco strollers and Graco strollers are noted to be the best and safest travel systems for infants. They are equipped with the latest upgrades that assure the parents of their child’s safety. Both, Graco strollers and Chicco stroller have become the most recalled and recommended strollers at the moment. Their cushioned interiors, mesh pockets at the side, cup holders, and the hood on top provide a comfortable and pleasant environment for an infant.

The Graco strollers and Chicco strollers have been voted as the best by many parents. They are fashionable indeed but also a practical mode of transport. Parents who are outdoorsy love to be associated with these two brands. You can single handedly cruise the stroller. It is easy to fold, store, light in weight and compact. The sunshade can be turned in the direction of the sun whenever needed, or just snap it down.

Baby showers are incomplete without games and gifts. The mother-to-be needs some enjoyment in this phase. She truly yearns for her baby but is also tired with the restrictions she has to abide by for the safety of the baby.

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