Back pain is one of the most common problems affecting both men and women, and there might be several reasons for this distressing condition. In some cases long working hours may be a major reason for back pain, and often it becomes very difficult to manage the pain. In such cases, it is very essential to get effective back pain treatment because delay in the treatment can lead to severe complications in the future.

Advanced Care and Treatment:

Back pain may result from various conditions such as lumbar muscle strain, ruptured disc, spinal stenosis, lumbar spine arthritis, spondylolisthesis, and osteoporosis. In most cases, when people suffer from back pain, they see an orthopaedic specialist or pain management doctors. At present, there are a number of treatment options available, ranging from the least invasive to even multiple surgical options. A good pain management center usually adopts a multidisciplinary approach with the pain management team comprising doctors from different specialties.

Proper Assessment of the Condition

At a reputable pain management center, the professional staff ensures that a correct diagnosis is made, pinpointing the root cause of the back pain. After diagnosis, patients might often require further evaluation and these include:

• Specific diagnostic tests
• Orthopedic and neurological tests
• Advanced diagnostic procedures

These things would help the pain management physicians to determine the origin of the symptoms. On the basis of their detailed evaluation, patient-specific treatment programs are adopted.

Holistic Treatment

No matter the cause of the back pain, medical attention is provided to the patients through a well-defined holistic approach. This will take into consideration that both the sensory and the emotional components of pain are addressed while helping the patient to deal with chronic pain management. There are different schedules adopted for acute and chronic pain, and in some cases pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic approaches and procedures are adopted. Physical therapy, chiropractic therapy, medications, and routine injections might be provided to the patients for proper and adequate treatment.

Effective Management of Pain

Back pain management is not possible without professional expertise and advice. Some of the common and the most effective back pain treatment options available include:

• Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)
• Manual Techniques
• Administration of analgesics, NSAIDs, narcotic medications, muscle relaxants, and anti-convulsants and antidepressants
• Radiofrequency radio ablation
• Surgically implanted electrotherapy devices
• Prolotherapy
• Injections
• Spinal decompression

However, the treatment options to be adopted largely depend on the condition of the individual patient and his/her capability to adapt to the treatment. Back pain need not anymore be a problem affecting your day to day life and activities. Make sure that you approach a reliable healthcare center offering the latest advanced pain management solutions and get back to your normal life.

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