Awareness about the causes of back pain helps to deal with the condition. You can achieve gradual but long-lasting improvement for back pain through various physical therapy treatments.

Back pain is a common condition affecting people of various age groups. Effective back pain treatment designed to ensure lasting relief is provided at leading pain management centers in the United States. Physical therapy is a proven solution for a long lasting back pain management without minimal side effects. However, there are certain ways of preventing back pain.

Tips to Prevent Back Pain

Back pain can be quite distressing and affect your posture, movement and muscle strength, and disrupt your normal life. Some suggestions that will help you keep away back pain are:

  • Maintain appropriate body weight – Always follow a healthy way of living to maintain the ideal body weight. Try to consume a balanced diet for maintaining good health.
  • Exercise regularly – This will help to retain an energetic body with the ideal body weight. Low impact exercises such as cycling, swimming and brisk walking help to strengthen your muscles and bones.
  • Enhance muscle strength and flexibility – Strengthening exercises and nutritious food help to develop body strength and stability.
  • Retain perfect postures while sitting, standing or sleeping - Use back-friendly shoes and mattresses to prevent back pain. Select an ideal sleeping posture to keep your head, shoulders and neck in perfect angles or positions. Use good pillows to support and take off the pressure from the neck and back.
  • Refrain from smoking – This inhibits healing and prevents maximum results from therapy
  • Choose quality furniture and accessories – Use ergonomic furniture that ensures good posture. Also, choose mattresses with adequate support in exact places for a healthy sleep.
  • Stretch your back – Stretching exercises are ideal to relax and condition the muscles perfectly. This enables smooth functioning.

Seek the Advice of a Trained Physical Therapist

Physical therapy treatment for back pain relief helps to keep your body in optimal alignment. Always choose an accredited healthcare facility with qualified and experienced physicians and other staff to provide specialized care for back pain management. Various back pain treatments such as ultrasound, traction, electrical stimulation, massages, heat/cold packs and non-surgical spinal decompression are scheduled according to the physical condition of the patient. However, preventing back pain is better than treating it.

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