Pain and curvature of the spine - one of the most common modern ailments, which is fraught with not only a general deterioration in the quality of life but also psychoemotional disorders. And after all, from an ugly posture and a chronically aching waist, it is possible and necessary to get rid off.

What modern person does most often in life? It is sitting! So it turned out that in the age of globalization and computerization all of us somehow have to be sitting while using a computer, going to the cafe or driving a car.
And often we sit not so as we should. And as a result, we suffer from back pain and do not suspect that this problem is fraught not only with a damaged posture but also with a general deterioration in the quality of life. However, about everything in order.

Source of pain: how it really is
So, as you know, problems with the back are caused by muscle or ligament pain. But what causes them?
Muscles ache only in two cases: either when they are stretched, or when spasms are caused.

Therefore, the main causes of the problem with a back is an incorrect stereotype of movement or absence of movement at all. This is due to the fact that a person - if you take a dry substance - consists of 50% of muscles, and the muscle by its nature is so arranged that it must constantly do some work. And most people mostly sit or lie, which leads to incorrect muscle work, and then there is a spasm.

In this case, it is often felt that the pain syndrome appears due to pinching of nerves. For example, a hernia of the intervertebral disc is described as extrusion of the inner contents of the disc in various directions, including inside the spinal canal.

However, the nerve can not become trapped, as confirmed by recent American studies. They proved that the spinal cord leaves through the holes in the spine in a place where there is a lot of space. There is no hernia of any size, in principle, it can not pinch since they are simply in different planes. Therefore, the hernia of intervertebral discs is not the cause of pain, but the development of events. It can occur when there is a persistent and prolonged spasm of the muscles-stabilizers of the spine and the larger muscles of the back - long, wide, square and others. Everyone knows that there are flexor muscles and extensor muscles.

Czech scientists recently discovered that the muscles can also be divided into those prone to spasm (tonic) and to lethargy (phasic). Any unfavorable conditions: stress, hypodynamia, improper nutrition, improper landing at the computer or driving a car, etc. - can disrupt the balance of their work. Violation of posture is also a development of events. It occurs if muscles on one side become spasms stronger. Often the cause of the curvature of the spine is the spasm of the hamstrings, in fact, with a sedentary lifestyle, the legs are constantly bent. And the muscle of the thigh is also involved in the formation of posture.

Therefore, it all depends on which muscles are involved or not involved. Often, the curvature of the spine is also accompanied by pain, and it is easy to explain. Initially, everything in the body is in a state of balance. But when a person constantly sits, his buttock muscle becomes sluggish, and it is attached to one of the ligaments, which is connected to the top with other muscles prone to spasm. The balance is broken, and the ligament begins to stretch upward since the gluteus muscle cannot hold it. In this situation, the ligament begins to work on the rupture, which leads to pain.
And such cross-syndromes occur throughout the body.

However, it turns out, often the problems with the spine are due not only to physiological causes but also psychoemotional. Simply put, back pain can occur because of ... stress. At the same time, you may not even realize that it is because of the usually aching waist that depression has started.

The only compensation for stress is physical activity. Only with them, the hormone of happiness endorphin is produced in the body. But since people in our country do not usually go in for sports all the time, but they are nervous and worried around the clock, the further development of events is just muscle spasm. In 90% of cases, back pain is caused by psycho-emotional overloads, which are not compensated in any way. Over time, they accumulate and may well develop into a nervous breakdown or depression.

How to get rid of the annoying pain?
The only solution that can be recommended for pain in all parts of the spine is movement.

People who lead a sedentary lifestyle, I would strongly recommend doing sports, giving yourself extra physical activity. At the moment, yoga and pilates are the optimal prevention of muscle pain, however, any physical activity is suitable: running, swimming, fitness, etc.

Even ordinary home workouts will give excellent results if they are performed regularly. The simplest preventive complex is the ancient oriental gymnastics, which takes no more than 10 minutes a day and allows you to harmoniously develop the muscles. This is only three exercises - push-up, squat and any load on the press. Exercises are done in a circle, one after another, for 5-20 repetitions per approach. Then a short pause - and the next circle. Gymnastics are done for as long as you like, as far as you can, but for prevention, 10 minutes a day is enough. During this time, you will work through almost all the muscles.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to the diet. I am a supporter of the classical therapeutic diet - food intake five to six times a day, in small portions, nothing in itself while not refusing.

An hour before bedtime, you also need a light snack - any fruit or a glass of kefir. This diet allows the intestines to work regularly, and this is extremely important. And of course, in order to avoid problems with the back, you need to observe the elementary rules of work and rest: try to sit straight, while the monitor should be at eye level, and the chair on which you sit is anatomically correct (which, by the way, applies to seat in the car).

No less important is the mattress and pillows on which you sleep. The mattress should be of high quality, medium hardness. It is widely believed that a hard mattress works best for a patient with back, but I do not support such radical decisions. Because of the too hard surface on which a person sleeps, there can also be inconveniences and distortions. The main criterion is quality and comfort.

Orthopedic pillows support the neck in a physiological position and help to avoid unpleasant consequences. However, to choose an orthopedic pillow yourself, so that it would be useful and not harm is difficult, so it is better to consult a doctor.

However, when the body is shackled by acute pain, preventive measures are no longer relevant. And chronic problems with the back require more drastic measures.

In both cases, the optimal solution is massage and exercise. Massage should be necessarily special, therapeutic. This is a kind of stimulant of the body that relieves pain syndrome. The spasmodic muscle must be worked out in full amplitude. The master should know all the cross-links, clearly realize which muscle should be tightened, and which one - to relax, because these are completely different techniques. To relieve painful ligament syndrome, it is necessary to restore its original position, which is achieved through a competent massage. At the same time, the course of treatment is short-lived, the pain syndrome is removed in three to five sessions.

And then there is a course of exercises that a person must perform on his own. I am a supporter of compulsory physical exercises since I believe that it is of fundamental importance not to put the patient on massage.
Of course, if the doctor's main goal is to earn, he easily assigns a course of 20-30 sessions, but if the task is to help, then it is better after the course of
massage, which will remove acute or chronic pain, choose a pattern of training, exercises, so that a person can develop the right muscles and ligaments. And the selection is very individual and primarily depends on the patient's problem. For example, in scoliosis, it is necessary to assign a load to one group of muscles, on the other - a stretching, and in the curvature of the spine - a different number of exercises on the right and left muscles.

However, doctors do not recommend self-medication. It is best to contact a competent specialist.
Massage should not last more than an hour, because after this time there is fatigue of the nervous system and the body stops responding.

With prolonged back pain, I would not recommend self-massage. This is due to the fact that the philistine lacks knowledge, he can not know all the cross syndromes in the body. For example, sometimes a person has a sore neck, and the problem is actually in the gluteus muscle, and it is enough to work it out so that the symptoms go away. Therefore self-massage is unlikely to be effective if you want to solve the problem. However, this kind of massage can remove psychoemotional stress, and this is also important.

I also categorically negate corsets. They cause dystrophy and atrophy of muscles even more accelerated rates. The muscle should work, but the corset begins to replace it. After such a "prophylaxis" the problem is only aggravated. Really effective treatment can provide only the message.

Temporary relief from pain.

If you are unable to consult a doctor for any reason, the following exercises will help you to remove the pain syndrome independently in different parts of the spine.

With pain in the lumbar part will help walking on all fours. Go down on your knees and on your hands, and then walk around like that. This exercise relieves spasm rather quickly, but its duration depends on the strength of the pain.

To remove the pain in the thoracic region, it is best to use push-ups in different ways: male push-up from the floor, female from the floor, but on the knees, and if you have very weak hands, then you can use push-ups in the doorway. To do this, you need to rest your hands on the sidewalls of the door frame and move your whole body forward, and then return to the starting position.

If the neck hurts, the following exercise will help: you need to lie horizontally on the bed, put a towel or a small pillow under your head, then imagine that a pencil is attached to your nose, and mentally start writing letters of the alphabet in the air.
In this case, they should be rounded, and movements - smooth. Neck muscles relax very quickly, so this exercise is recommended for everyone and for preventive purposes.
It is important not just to do these exercises, but to clearly feel the work of the muscles, only then will the required result.

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