Ah yes, we know all of us are enjoying the summer break, but then back to school is also around the corner, we have broken down the top three gadgets essentials for back to school.

Here is our top three

- Game pad power bank
- Hoverboard bundle
- Protein shaker

Game pad power bank

The game pad power bank is a top essential with many great features, long lasting battery, with 10000mah battery it has the ability to charge the iPhone X 3 times before needing to be recharged. It has in built iPhone and Android cables, the 2 in 1 port comes very handy. Shaped as a game pad, the awesome sleek power bank stands out from the rest, take the power bank on lunch breaks and use it has a phone stand to watch the latest tv shows or a after school essential!

Stay charged all the time - Price £24.99

Hoverboard Bundle

The ultimate on going crazy, with all sorts of gadgets, the hoverboard bundle tops the number 1 gadget of the century, with the high popularity HCS Gadgets, offers a wider selection of hoverboard bundles. The perfect after school gadget, the best gifts for her and gifts for him present. Hours of play time to keep the children busy!

Get the perfect hoverboard from £179.99

Protein shaker

The ultimate PE sports buddy, we know the lads are getting to that age where they start gym , with the perfect protein shaker, this back to school summer essential is a great lunch bag idea and a perfect mixer.

Get mixing for £14.99

Watch the game pad power bank unboxing here –

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