Are you planning your first backpack trip and are you looking for helpful tips and tricks? Then you are exactly right here! So that you do not have to dig through information for days, I list the most important and informative articles about backpacking for beginners so that you can prepare yourself well for your backpacking trip.

Everything about the right backpack

So now it comes down to it: the right backpacking in Panama for your trip needs to be chosen wisely. After all, it should do you good, reliable service.
In this article you can read which properties (model, size, material, shape) the best backpack for backpackers and travelers should have:


If you plan to visit several countries and spend a few weeks there per country, you do not need an extra visa for many countries, since German citizens often enjoy the advantage thanks to a 30/60 or 90-day tourist visa Purposes to be allowed to enter free of charge.

Of course, it's different if you want to stay longer than the approved deadline. Then there is the possibility to renew the free tourist visa on site for a fee (costs and duration depend on the country). Another possibility is - if the country allows this - short-term departure for 12 or 24 hours. If you travel back in afterwards, you will be issued a tourist visa again. However, some countries have a 30-day lock-up period. You can only enter the country again once this has passed.

You can find current visa requirements and entry requirements at the Federal Foreign Office.


If you are traveling outside the European Union, a passport is mandatory. You apply for this at an early stage with your municipality or city, because in extreme cases the processing time can take up to 6 weeks.
There are also differences in price - the best thing to do is ask your local representative what a passport costs.

Note that your passport often has to be valid for at least 6 months when entering other countries. If he is not, you can be refused entry. You can also find something about this at the Federal Foreign Office.

Medicines & vaccinations

Depending on your travel destination, you may need different vaccinations or it may be advisable to get vaccinated against this and that. The best thing to do is talk to the tropical doctor you trust. This can best tell you which vaccinations are recommended in which areas.
The decision whether to get vaccinated for your trip or not is entirely up to you.

So that you do not forget anything regarding medication, check out my travel pharmacy list:


There are also a few things about technology that are essential for your trip. Of course, it depends on what you do and need on site. A laptop can be useful, for example, if you want to back up all your photos and videos on the go, edit films or work online.
Of course there are also little helpers that you can use on your trip.

Internet & navigation

Internet is now really available almost everywhere. You can also frolic online in the smallest restaurants and cafes. But unfortunately the connection provided is often more apparent than being.

If you need Internet, for example because you want to work on the go, it is recommended that you buy a local SIM card. You can then use this on your cell phone or alternatively via a mobile WiFi router to set up a hot spot for your laptop if required.

You can use Google Maps on your smartphone to ensure that you don't lose track even when you're on the go. Even offline! For this you have to download the corresponding map section in advance and you are independent of the Internet.

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