If you have a bad credit rating and are struggling to get a loan, the idea of ​​a personal loan with bad credit with guaranteed approval may seem tempting. But do these types of loans even exist in the United States? At Slick Cash Loan, they will give you bad credit loans guaranteed approval. You can apply now!

Who offers personal loans with bad credit with guaranteed approval?

Lenders in America must not offer personal loans with bad credit with guaranteed approval. This is because they are legally obliged to comply with responsible lending obligations. But Slick Cash Loan can help you by providing loans with bad credit score.

Under the National Consumer Credit Act, banks and other lenders cannot lend you money if they believe you cannot repay them. Lenders are required to make reasonable inquiries as to why you want to borrow money and reasonable inquiries about your financial situation. For example, this may involve questions about your income and living expenses, such as Rent or repayment of the mortgage, expenses, and other debt.

Because of these obligations, it is not legally possible to offer a personal loan with "guaranteed approval" in the United States. If a lender does, they may be in breach of their responsible lending obligations or it may be a sign of a loan.

What are personal loans with bad credit?

Although they do not come with guaranteed approval, some lenders offer 'personal loans with bad credit'. These are simply personal loans aimed at those with poor credit standing. They are typically offered by non-bank providers (lenders who source their financing, such as peer-to-peer lenders, and are not banks, construction companies, or credit unions).

Bad credit personal loans are still approved, but lenders usually look at more than just your credit score when considering your application. For example, providers may look at your current relationship with money and your circumstances rather than basing its approval decision solely on your credit score.

Interest rates on bad credit score loans

Be aware that personal loans with bad credit can have a significantly higher interest rate compared to personal loans available to those with good credit ratings. According to the credit rating provider Credit Savvy, many personal loan providers use 'risk-based pricing', which means that the more risky a lender thinks you are, the higher the interest rate you pay.

To give you an idea of ​​how interest rates can vary on personal loans, Slick Cash Loan Research found that (as of February 10, 2020) the minimum interest rate in our $ 10,000 unsecured personal loan database was 5.75% ( comparison rate 8.62%) and the maximum rate was 32.95% (comparison rate 37.91%). The average interest rate was 11.99%. This was based on loans (excluding overdraft) available to buy a used car, consolidate debt, renovate, or spend on a vacation with a total loan term of five years.

Impact on the credit rating

Also, consider that if your credit score is already low, applying for a new loan can affect it further. Each loan application you submit is usually recorded on your credit report, while your loan repayments are also recorded. It is important to make sure that you can afford the repayments on the loan before applying.

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