Sometimes problems in the bedroom can put a guy in a bad mood, but other times its the bad mood that causes problems in the bedroom. Anger, irritability, anxiety and depression all take a toll on sexual function. Men may try to tough out these rough spells, but left unchecked these negative emotions can be disastrous for a man's relationships. Sometimes a bad mood can be caused when a man is lacking in specific vitamins and minerals, as well as sunlight, exercise, and down-time. It may also be a symptom of something wrong in a romantic relationship or at work. Talking with your doctor, seeking counseling, and supporting your body with adequate nutrition are all important steps on the road back to performing with enthusiasm.

The Mood/Pleasure Link

Not enough is known about how mood changes affect brain chemistry in terms of male function. Increased stress hormones, such as cortisol, reduce desire in both men and women. Multiple studies have shown that anger, anxiety and depression do indeed affect libido, arousal and performance in men. In a study funded by the University Health Network in Toronto, Canada in 2010, researchers found that depression was a much more destructive factor on male organ function and libido in men than having low testosterone levels. When testosterone levels were increased, men noticed some improvement in function and libido. Ultimately though, depression was a stronger force and reduced all areas of pleasurable satisfaction in men.

Treatment Options

While pharmaceutical medications and psychotherapy are the primary recommendations for men facing mood problems, a 2010 survey by Deakin University in Australia showed that neither medications nor psychotherapy alone are sufficient in treating the emotional and mental facets of sexual dysfunction. To make matters worse, there are also several pharmaceutical medications used to treat anxiety and depression which can negatively impact the male libido. It is important for men to learn as much about their physical and emotional wellbeing as possible. As well as reading books, improving interpersonal communication and expressing emotions more, changes in lifestyle and nutrition can have a huge impact on emotions and mood. Fish oils have shown in numerous studies to improve depression, cognition and circulation to the peripheries. Supplements such as vitamin C, B12 and B5 are important micronutrients for supporting nervous system function as well.


Vitamin B5, also known as pantothenic acid, is a particular vitamin which can be useful for men. Studies show that having adequate levels of vitamin B5 in the bloodstream is important for protecting heart health, keeping cholesterol under control, supporting chronic fatigue and ensuring the adrenal glands are healthy. Adrenal glands are in charge of the stress response in humans -- they sit on top of the kidneys and secrete chemicals, such as testosterone, as well as stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH). ACTH is an important hormone for sexual satisfaction. In several studies men suffering from psychogenic impotence (impotence caused by depression, anxiety, fatigue, etc.) had significant improvements after receiving treatment with synthetic ACTH. Where these male subjects were given injections, vitamin B5 is an excellent natural way to promote ACTH levels in the body.

Penis Health Crèmes

Health crèmes are topical crèmes that can be used to benefit a man's penis health and sex life. Containing nutrients and oils as their active ingredients, penis health crèmes are designed to support circulation, tissue health and healthy arousal. Specialist products (most professionals recommend Man1Man Oil) contain an array of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, including vitamin B5. Therapeutic levels of B5 are absorbed directly into the bloodstream (bypassing the digestive process which depletes many of the nutritional benefits of supplements ) to support mood, energy, adrenal function and ACTH levels. Combined with shea nut butter for improving penis nerve function and sensitivity, health crèmes can be used as directed to promote healthy function and increase pleasure.

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