Bahrain is an Islamic country officially known as the Kingdom of Bahrain is located on the western coast of Persian Gulf. It is a small island on the eastern part of Saudi Arabia. It is an archipelago of 36 small islands. The word Bahrain means “Two seas” in Arabic. It’s a densely populated country which is almost four times bigger than that of Washington DC. It was the first State of Arabia to discover oil. It was in 1932 when the Bahrain Petroleum Company discovered oil traces in Bahrain. Apart from oil Bahrain also has a high resource of aluminum. The main trade in Bahrain includes oil and petroleum trade, Aluminum products, fishes, pearls and many other products. It is country having a constitutional hierarchal monarchy. Politics is strong in Bahrain and the first round of voting to parliamentary election was conducted in November 2006. Education system is also developing in Bahrain. Compulsory educations although not present recent census brings into light that more than 68 percent of the people of Bahrain are literate.

Land as we all know is required for the very existence of man. It is required for every single activity such as constructing a building, road, a super mart and so on. Starting from a small famer to a large industrialist all require land for various purposes. It is to be kept in mind that every meter square of land should be used with care as even a small piece of land once used cannot be regained. It’s highly crucial that we use the available land conservatively and effectively. As it is stated that “Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed” in a similar way Land also can neither be created nor be destroyed.

Bahrain is also a place for upcoming real estate business. Due to the recent amendments in law it has become possible for even non-residents of Bahrain to own their own piece of land. More over in Bahrain due to lack of taxation it is pretty much profitable to own a land in Bahrain. Land rates are increasing day by day due to the development of Information technology, education and due to the increasing employment opportunities. Also the government’s plan for developing the Airport has given more and more chances for land price hike.

Tourism is also one of the main sources of income for many people in Bahrain. With the development in Information technology, healthcare and education the property rates although increased many people still invest money in buying properties in Bahrain or taking out properties for lease. As it is devoid of rental taxation people are benefited by letting out their apartments or residents for rent. Bahrain is a place for earning a living. With the recent plans of developing the airport more and more benefits reach the people. Liberal real estate laws, freedom from tax and easy home financing have added to the real estate boom.

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