What are Emotions

Emotions are just that, feelings. They have no real existence outside us and they come and go as regularly as the clouds do. We don't need to dwell on them and we always need to tell ourselves that they won't last. Many people see emotions as negative, so they try not to feel them. Despite the efforts you make to control your emotions you never can, not completely. So feel them but don't hold on to them if they're negative. No one is totally rational all the time, nor would any of us want to be: Because positive emotions are what we live for, primarily.

Seek Positive Emotions

Positive emotions are what we yearn for in life and yet, many of us concentrate on negative emotions. This is a common problem many people have and it destroys any joy they might feel over anything.
Until you really know in your heart of hearts that these feelings will pass, you may want to push them aside or bury them. This only results in buried pain that may come up, over and over again, without our bidding. It is best to feel for while and then, let go.

Let the Past be the Past

There's really no way not to "feel" a negative experience, but we can feel it for a time, even if it's grief and then let it pass by us. Some people, unfortunately, endlessly dwell on their pain to the point where something negative experienced in the past, doesn't allow them to focus on the present or future. They experience a clouded reality, where no joy can enter. This is a very sad consequence of not allowing ourselves to feel. Many people believe they're not supposed to feel negative things at all: that is shows weakness. Nothing you feel is wrong or weak, so feel Deeply but don't feel forever. It's important to try and live in the moment and not dwell on the past.

Find an Escape Place

Find somewhere to go that's soothing and calming for your mind and let everything else slip away. It doesn't have to be a physical location but it should be quiet and soothing for you. Meditation and relaxation have been proven to be beneficial to our well being.

Take a Break

Sometimes going over and over a problem gets you nowhere. In that case, take a break, go for a walk, and go to a movie. Later, when your mind is refreshed, you will probably see things from a different perspective and be able to resolve your problem. Try to let everything go and concentrate only on what you're doing in that moment. It is a safety net for your emotions, an escape for a little while; but don't stay there and ignore your problem. You will return from wherever you have been and the problem may not seem as bad.

Detours from reality can give our minds a break and our emotions a rest. This can increase your mental clarity and emotional health. It's another step towards self improvement.

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