Inspire Your Inner- Explorer:
A road map for women as they navigate the balance between work and life.

A recent research study by the Center for Retailing Education and Research at the University of Florida concluded that women were three times more likely to be organized for the holidays than men. Eric Gorden the Director of the study (and a man!) concluded “Women deal with time crunches by getting more organized.”
That said, for many working mothers, the work-life balance is still one of the greatest challenges. There are no easy solutions to this, but I do have some suggestions:
Balance is not just a concept-- it is a choice.
Most people try and balance what they need to do with what they want to do. Achieving a healthy balance in life, results in a happier and healthier well-being. This sense of well-being expands your sense of self; mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
It’s no mystery why so many people suddenly experience their Awakening during their middle age years and head for yoga classes, personal growth retreats, and/ or start learning something totally new that is not part of their daily routine--perhaps something that they always wanted to do in their younger years. They get motivated for something that is “for them”.
As we discover and balance our priorities, we also unlearn habits that keep us busy beyond our needs. That’s when we begin to reclaim the sense of joy in our lives that we have chosen to regain.
It’s not just what we do, but how we do it:
In one day each one of us gets 24 hours-- irrespective of what we do or don’t do. What is important is HOW we spend these 24 hours.
Choose wisely what you think and do. Have fun, it is your birthright. Spend time with people who make you laugh. What you focus on, will expand and manifest, so stay away from the concepts of complaining and being a perfectionist.

When we work on our own peace of mind and physical well-being, we are doing everyone around us a huge favor as well .
As we express our feelings and let go of what does not matter to us, it becomes easier to keep an open mind and accept people for who they are and what they do.
Realizing your own strengths gives you a sense of well- being and spiritual fulfillment. Gaining a better understanding of who we are, will go a long way in helping us to plan and organize our lives.
To ensure a balanced life, we need to eat well and take plenty of rest. Take frequent breaks in between your day as well, and remember to be flexible when you establish plans.
Accepting others does not mean we have to say “Yes” all of the time.
Once we make our priorities clear, people who care will understand and adjust. Have a positive attitude and good sense of humor to have harmony in your life. This can train your brain to look at situations from different perspectives.
Decide on what you DO NOT need—this will lead to having half of the battle won. When you say “Yes” to someone or something (that you may not want to say “Yes” to ) you are saying “No” to yourself. It is ok to say “No”.
Be “in the moment” at work or when you are with friends and family. When we have clear communication at work and at home we nip nascent problems in the bud. Careless communication creates misunderstanding, confusion, and frustration (for others and for us!).
Try not to be perfectionists, focus on getting things done.
We need to set up our own personal support system. As women, we often attempt to do everything on our own. In this way, we are sometimes our own worst enemy. So don’t be afraid to ask for help and when offered, accept it gracefully.
Focus on what you accomplished, not on what was not done.
Schedule in time to recharge and reward yourself. Give yourself an open day once a week. Start recording in a journal, this is a great tool to make reflections and to de-clutter the mind.

Fire up that mental GPS as you head for home:
A GPS system finds our car’s location by having two or more satellites triangulate on our car’s position. In life, we also have things that triangulate our values and priorities, thus helping us understand where we are.

Exercises you can use to assess whether your plan for balance is working.
Now that you know you need to balance the needs of home, work and play, take a moment to stop and review your direction every now and then. Ask yourself questions such as:
• What frustrates you most about your personal life?
• What are your goals at work and how can you make your business lives more effective?
• What are the 3 most important things that make you happy?
Balance is not a destination, it is a process that runs through our lives, constantly changing as our needs and priorities evolve.
Your inner compass is designed to help you find the ideal combination of that you want to do with what you need to do. Your inner explorer will help you set the course for achieving balance between living your OWN life on your own terms while also empowering and helping others.

“Plan, Organize and Decorate through Awareness by Inspiring your Inner Explorer”.

Author's Bio: 

Sangita Patel has been a homemaker for 27 years and blessed with two children.She was in a serious car accident 24 years ago in which she lost her brother.Through the experiences in life she found her inner child by exploring her inner self through awareness by the guidence of various Masters in past 5 years.She opened up her own business,Kalakar Interiors in 2007 and now on her way to facilitate self awareness.