Among the dilemmas confronting a lot of parents, is balancing their chosen career with their family life. We often hear of politicians who resign saying they wish to “spend more time with their family”, but the truth is that this dilemma is not limited to them. Many jobs require workers to work long hours away from home, and inevitably they do not have enough spare time or energy to focus on their family. Nevertheless, those who can work from home are able to resolve this problem. This is feasible for those who work in online jobs dealing in Internet business, in which it’s possible to carry out most of their work through the Internet.

All too often, success in a job can have a downside in strains in family life. Somebody I know, told me that he had worked for a decade as a highly paid manager, but his work took up so much time that he did not witness his daughter’s early years. Sometimes it’s perilous to say no to bosses who expect you to stay behind after 5, but your children also need some consideration and time devoted to them. The predicament is especially acute for women, who may have to leave work a lengthy period to bring up children, at least till the youngest is attending school, before they can re-enter the workplace. A lot of youngsters return home after school to an empty house because both parents are still working. Regrettably, these days it is frequently difficult for families to earn enough to live, unless both adults are working.

A minority of people may sacrifice a high-flying career and look for less time-consuming work in order to spend a greater amount of time with their kids. The downside, however, is that these types of jobs are usually low paid, and the plus side of extra free time, they lose in money to buy new things for their offspring.

Things can be worse still for those who need to travel frequently as part of their job. Despite the fact that it may seem apparently attractive to be able to see exotic places at an employer’s expense, it can mean long periods away from a person’s family. That can also put strains on a marriage, as suspicions inevitably crop up that the husband or wife may be having affairs while away from their marital home.

A lot of people have discovered that the answer is to work near to home, or indeed work from home itself. By reducing the journey to and from work, it makes certain that extra time can be spent with your family, even when you’re officially working. One guy I knew, turned his garage into a workshop, where he was able to work in his business, the production of textile goods. Although his wife and family were aware that he should not be disturbed in the workshop, when he felt like it he could return to his residence, only at the end of a pathway.

For people not adept at crafts, there are other ways in which there is the option to work from home. The arrival of the Web has caused the creation of Internet business dealings, online jobs and innovative lines of work that can equally well be undertaken in your home as in an office. Internet business uses Web technologies to communicate with customers, and it is equally feasible to carry this out in your own residence. This has created one answer for workers who desire to balance work obligations with a full family life. If you work from home in online jobs, it’s not necessary to be away from your spouse and kids for a long time, and there is no need to put up with badly paid work, either.

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