Bali is an Indonesian Island. It is certainly with a long history and a culture that continues to exist today. Bali has become one of the top choices among those on holiday or vacation. The culture was primarily Hindu, while it varies today among various religions. Tourists love the friendliness of the people, and their culture. Bali is a small island that is full of activities, event, natural and cultural wonders suitable for the entire family.

Jimbaran and Bukit Peninsula such as the Padang-Padang beaches The Sanur Beach is on of the most popular among surfers. Beaches in Bali. There are numerous beaches, along with the marine life such as dolphins and manatees. One of the devilish creatures of Bali, which stroll the beaches as well, is the Cheeky Monkey. They are absolutely adorable, and pros at the art of purse snatching.

Those who may feel truly athletic will enjoy the Jimabaran Hills Activity Valley. Here you can enjoy activities such as jungle warfare, rock climbing and abseling. Of course, golfers have a choice of prime 18 hole golf courses such as the Bali Handar Kosaido, and Nusa Dua among the many in Bali.

Elephant Safari Park: There won't be any tired legs here, as your guide takes your through more than 2 hectares of eco tourism landscaped with botanical gardens and a national forest, while sitting on top of your own elephant. The kids will surely enjoy feeding and petting these huge, but friendly creatures. The Ayung River-Guides are available for Kayaking with solo riders. The river will certainly provide you with some Kayaking adventures. There are day tours, as well as evening tours at reasonable prices when arranged through tour agencies.

Indonesia is certainly known for its Balinese-Hindu Cultures, as well as for theater and dancing. A live theater performance complete with Balinese dancers, elephants, tigers, shadow puppeteers to name a few. Of course you may want to enjoy learning a bit of Balinese dancing yourself.

The accommodations in Bali are wonderful. This is one place you want to visit, if you want to live like a king and queen, be spoiled and pampered. At the Jimbaran Hills Resorts, there are plenty to keep the kids occupied and to spoil you with. The kids will certainly enjoy the Children's Play Park, and the 66m Water Slide. While you take a dip in either the freshwater or saltwater pool, the children can play in the children's pool. After a long day, you will surely enjoy a relaxing Balinese massage. In the late evening, your day can end watching the panoramic view, and a beautiful tropical sunset while sitting comfortably in the Garden Terrace.

The Indonesian people are eager to please and cater to their guests. Often, they will try extremely hard to accommodate you with any special arrangements to fit your needs. The cuisine is at such a variety, that it will satisfy any palate, even the young palates while in Bali.

The next time you plan for a vacation, and want to go to a place that is different, you certainly will enjoy Bali, without giving up modern conveniences. Jimbaran is one of the many fine resorts you have to choose from when a member of Global Resorts Network.

Written by Linda Smith Independent Affiliate of Global Resorts Network
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Although I do freelance writing about exotic places, I am also an affiliate for Global Resorts Network, and a team member of Wealth Creations Network. Before I placed this article on my website, I just thought I would share a bit about Bali with those who might enjoy travel or learning about other places. Bali is absolutely a tropical paradise.