As the world battles climate change, global warming, and a rise in sea levels, there are several ways individuals can help to save our world. As many countries are taking drastic actions to reduce carbon footprint, it becomes crucial that individuals own their actions in the battle to prevent irreversible damage to the eco-system, which will bring untold hardship to every living creature. 

The best way to create a significant impact on protecting our world is a shift in paradigm. There must be a change from items or materials we use at home to eco-friendly materials. Use reusable bottles and silverware. Upgrade from traditional toothbrushes to Bamboo toothbrushes, and lots more. 


Introducing Bamboo Dental Floss

Do you know that by changing from the traditional spools of floss can have an impact on protecting our world? As little as the floss is, it makes up part of the plastic waste that ends up in landfills and the bellies of marine animals, suffocating them or causing serious health issues.

Typical traditional floss is made of nylon, which is a non-biodegradable material. From its production to disposal, its harmful impact on the eco-system is not small. On the other hand, bamboo dental floss is made from charcoal fibers, and it is a perfect alternative to plastic-bases flossses that are common.

According to a study, only 4 in 10 Americans floss their teeth as essential as flossing is. That leaves us with 40% of 209,128,094 adults that floss regularly. The whopping number of people that floss daily in the US is around 83.65 million. Imagine the impact that 83.65 million flosses will have on marine life, and much more the marine life will be preserved if everyone switches to eco-friendly Bamboo dental floss.

Floss with Bamboo dental floss and help to save our world. Made from activated charcoal, Bamboo dental floss offers a more natural solution to care for your teeth and save our world and marine life.

Bamboo dental floss offers Improvement in oral health, prevention of gum disease that can be aggravated by tartars and tooth decay, and bad breath prevention. 

Bamboo dental floss is 100% biodegradable and comes with 100% recyclable packaging. This type of floss is suitable for everyone; it reduces the burden on landfills and prevents pollution of the sea. Floss responsibly with Bamboo dental floss. Each Bamboo dental floss you use, you save a marine animal's life.

Start flossing right by ordering your Bamboo dental floss and be proud of your positive action in saving our world. Enjoy all the massive benefits that Bamboo dental floss offers and make your impact felt in keeping our world safe. 

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Matt Wilson is a Motivational speaker, technology enthusiast, health freak, and a proud father!