The banded archerfish is an exceptionally appealing and wonderful aquarium fish among the aquarium lovers. It is also called as Archerfish, Spinner Fish, Archers and so on. In 1767, it was first depicted by Prussian Zoologist and Botanist Peter Simon Pallas. It is a perch like fish which has a place with Toxotidae family.

It is found in southeastern Asia, northern Australia and Papua New Guinea. It likes to possess in brackish mangrove swamps, estuaries, streams, waterways, ponds and lakes where overhanging vegetations with shady regions are available.

Physical Description

Body is oblong in shape with up-turn mouth. The head is moderate with pointed snout and large eyes. It has silver-whitish body with four to six wide black bars. During the juvenile stages, dorsal side of the body is yellowish green to dark colored while ventral side is shimmering in shading however flanks are dim greenish in shading.

The first bar is found simply close to the operculum while second is behind the operculum. Just beneath the dorsal fin, third and fourth bars are seen while the fifth bar is located between the caudal and anal fin region. Sometimes irregular yellowish decorations are seen between their bands.

It has complete lateral line which curves upwardsclose to the fourth and ninth lateral scales. 4 spines with 11-13 soft rays are present on dorsal fin while 3 spines and 15-17 soft rays are available in anal fin.

Dorsal fin is yellowish-green and anal fin is silver in color while caudal fin is filthy green in shading. It can grow up to 32 cm long and can satisfy 10 years or increasingly if genuine care is taken.

Quick Facts For Banded Archerfish
Scientific Name:Toxotes jaculator
Origin: India, Indonesia, Philippines
Maximumsize: 32 cm
Minimum Tank Size: 50 gallons or larger
Temperament: Peaceful
Tank Level: Top
Diet: Carnivore
Breeding: Egg layer
Temperature: 65 - 82 0 F
Water pH: 7.0 - 8.5
Hardness: 20-30 °dGH
Water Movement: Moderate
Lighting Needs: Moderate - normal lighting
Care: Easy to medium
Life span: 5 to 10 years or more

Interesting facts

It is best known for its capacity to hunt down insects and other little animals for food laying on foliage or mangrove roots by shooting a jet of water.


Banded archerfish is an omnivorous fish and it primarily feeds on insects and its larvae, spiders, crustaceans and small fish. In aquarium condition it accepts dried and frozen foods such as blood-worm, tablet food, prawns and shrimp. It additionally takes good quality floating pellets. It can jump to capture prey insects from low overhanging branches. Feed should be offered 2-3 times daily for better wellbeing. You have to find the best food for your fish to take care of it.


The banded archerfish is a community and peaceful fish. It requires no less than 50 gallons tank yet bigger tank is prescribed. The tank should have great water quality with some free space for swimming. The aquarium should also have rocks and shallow water with plants that grow up over the surface. It is a dynamic jumper and to keep their bouncing out from the aquarium, tank should be secured with a top. 20-25% tank water should be changed at each other week to create your tank condition favorable.

Tank mates

Banded archerfish is schooling fish and it should be kept with 4-5 or more individuals. Reasonable tank mates are Puffers, Scats, Silver Needle Noses, White Tip Shark Catfish, the Fan Dancer Goby and Monos and son on.


The banded archerfish becomes mature at the age of 1-2 years and about 10 cm in length. It can breed in captive condition if proper care is taken. Generally it breeds in the wet season and the breeding season you should keep a group of archerfish together in aquarium. The female lays up to 150,000 eggs each breeding season. For making ensure better survival rate of the fry, all eggs must be shifted to new tank. Eggs hatch within 12 hours. The newly born fry should be fed with small insects and other floating foods.


It is very tough to identify the male and female archerfish at the young stages. But during the breeding season, the female bears swollen belly with eggs in her belly.


Banded archerfish is an exceptionally strong fish yet at times it is defenseless to maladies if appropriate care isn't taken. To keep your tank condition with fish healthy, each other week 20-25% water changes ought to be done. You should also provide balanced diet with appropriate amount which helps to prevent diseases.


The banded archerfish is exceptionally appealing and prominent among the aquarium fish attendants because of its body tinge and interesting feeding behavior. It is currently accessible in pet fish market and online shops with sensible cost. To keep your fish sickness free, you should keep up great water quality and give adjusted eating regimen.

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