Massage lubricant becomes an important means used by therapists when massaging your body. The therapist must lubricate the skin to reduce the friction that might occur when the massage is done. Even slippery skin can feel various pressures and movements, so massage is more effective.

The use of massage lubricants is also not just to make the skin not rough. The content of the lubricant is also beneficial for maintaining the skin and acts as a "base" or "carrier" if the therapist uses oil with aromatherapy. Your body is more relaxed thanks to the inhaled aroma.

Usually, therapists from pijat panggilan Bandung services have a reliable massage lubricant. The characteristics of the selected lubricant are usually easy to absorb on the skin, easily applied, making the skin more moist, smelly, and easy to clean. Another factor that also determines is the price.

Branded lubricants with special aroma are more expensive than ordinary lubricants. Similarly, the type and processing. The purer the ingredients in the lubricant, the higher the price you will have to pay.

Types of Massage Lubricants

Various spa service providers in Bandung offer different massage lubricants depending on your choice as a client. Some people prefer to use oil, some prefer cream with a solid texture.

Then, what types of massage lubricants can you find when using Bandung call massage services?

Shaped candle butter

Even though it is called a candle, this massage medium is different from ordinary candles. The difference lies in the processing. The lubricant must be burned first before use.

The candle for this massage is based on palm kernel oil and shea oil. Shea trees are common in Africa. The results of processing then resemble butter. Have you ever heard of Shea Butter? Well, shea butter is responsible for smoothing the skin while providing moisture, nourishing the skin, and making muscles more relaxed.


Scrub includes a cream-based lubricant. The texture is denser and sometimes accompanied by scrub granules that function to remove dead skin cells or dirt. The composition of this massage lubricant generally combines natural ingredients and gives its aroma, such as coffee, yam, chocolate, or honey. This massage medium is used after the body is oiled for maximum results.


Using gel as a massage lubricant? Of course, I can. The advantage of this massage medium is that the texture is lighter and absorbs faster on the skin. The skin feels more moist and supple after the gel is rubbed.

Gels made from seaweed and aloe vera are among the most popular. If you want to try something new, try asking the spa massage therapist in Bandung, whether collagen gel is available. Not just like a lubricant, this gel is also good for skin regeneration and relaxes joints that often feel stiff.


If you are not a big fan of massage oil, lotion can be an alternative. Therapists tend to use lotions to massage clients who have fairly dense fur on their bodies. The lotion is more liquid than cream and it is easier to rub on the skin.

The texture of the lotion thus makes the therapist easier to massage because it feels right when the massage is done: not too sticky and not too slippery. Another advantage, using lotion is also relatively easy to clean, but still able to nourish the skin. If you are a big fan of lotions, there are many variants of lotions on the market with certain scents and ingredients. Starting from the fragrant vanilla, green tea, chocolate, fruits, cherry blossoms, or manager that feels traditional.

Olive oil

Olive oil is quite popular among Bandung call massage fans. Routine massaging with this oil is enough to make the skin moister, not scaly, and repair damaged skin exposed to sunlight. Olive oil can also be mixed with other natural ingredients, such as ginger. A warm sensation will be felt throughout the body when mixed with this oil mixture. Ginger also serves to make the skin smoother and more even skin color.

Cute oil Cuten oil

Cute oil is rising skin. Containing about 49 types of herbal plant extracts, this oil can also be used as a massage lubricant in addition to regular topical oil. The application of oil with gentle massage can provide a relaxing effect. Also, the various ingredients in this oil are claimed to reduce complaints in the digestive system, reduce soreness, and make you sleep more soundly.

Coconut oil

Some of the best spas in Bandung provide coconut oil as a massage medium. Coconut oil has been proven effective in overcoming various skin problems, such as eczema, dermatitis, dry skin, burns, ordinary cuts, and pimples. The lack of side effects makes this oil superior. Combine with your favorite essential oils, or pink salt, you can feel the pleasure of a spa at home.

Where is your favorite massage lubricant?

If you don't want the hassle of providing your massage lubricant, let us know as a Bandung call massage service provider. You can pamper your body anytime and anywhere: home, boarding, or hotel. Bandung Massage 24 hours ready to serve you as needed.

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