There are plenty of career possibilities awaiting you in the field of commercial banking. Whether it is a large corporation, small business establishments or the general public, commercial banks provide their services to all. As compared to other financial service sectors, commercial banking brings aspiring candidates more employment opportunities than ever. If you have a passion for making a career in the banking sector, you have a wide range of careers to choose from including bank tellers, financial officers, credit analysts, loan officers and credit card baking specialist career among others. To achieve professional success, you need to make a career decision which suits your interests, skills and personal values.

Given below are some popular career choices that the banking sector offers. Bank careers can really bring you lots of job satisfaction and good earning if you have a strong passion for stepping into this sector.

Loan Officer Career
One of the most popular bank careers is that of a loan officer. If you choose to become a loan officer, you will be responsible for finding appropriate loans for establishments, firms and the general public. Loan officers need to possess strong banking knowledge and the ability to sell loans. After acquiring extensive bank working experience, many loan officers also move up to management positions.

Branch Manager Career
The occupation of branch manager is one of the most challenging as well as high paying bank careers. While working in banks, branch managers hold the responsibility of looking after or overseeing a wide range of tasks. Some key responsibilities of these managers will include overseeing new accounts, foreign exchange services, customer relation and bank loans among others. Many of the bank branch managers work their up after stepping into a customer service job in commercial banks.

Since the job of a branch manager happens to be quite challenging, these professionals need to possess some key skills to efficiently perform their tasks. As you will be holding a management position, you should possess excellent organizational skills, an in-depth knowledge of banking processes, strong arithmetic skills and good work ethic.

Trust Officer
These banking professionals are responsible for offering a wide range of financial products to people. In addition, they also offer expert counseling services regarding taxation, estate planning, investment etc. It is also one of the highest paying bank careers.

Mortgage Bankers
Another well paying bank career for aspiring candidates is that of mortgage bankers. If you choose this career, you will be responsible for providing loan opportunities to business establishments as well as potential homeowners. A mortgage banker works in close contact with real estate agents and purchasers. The swelling number of homeowners has created plenty of job security for candidates who want to work as mortgage bankers.

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