The success graph of Banking Sector is growing with every year. It has shown massive improvement in the last few years and is one of the most prosperous sectors in India today. Further, the banking sector contributes majorly to the growing economy of India. This has made it one of the most sought after career choices of the century. In a banking sector, there is also growth and you ascend in position. For these reasons, bank recruitment is a major procedure. The recruitment decides the quality of the bank personnels and thus the reputation of the bank. Especially, for posts like bank po and bank clerk, recruitment should be a highly scrutinized procedure conducted carefully.
Banks often deal with confidential information. This makes it a pre-requisite to recruit people who are highly responsible and apt for the post offered. Any mismatch can lead to major problems later, and this affect the standing of the bank and deteriorate its position. A bank has to gain the trust of people in order to serve their needs. Banking sector is not merely confined to securing the money of the people. It now, serves to a larger audience which involves money saving programmes, education loans, pension plans, etc. In such a scenario, there is a great demand for individuals who are capable and understand the importance of the post provided to him/her. People in strength of thousands appear for the exam, however only a few handful of people are selected. This is due to the challenging levels of exam and interview that one has to face in order to finally get recruited.

Posts like Bank PO and Bank Clerk are the main people who carry out the most important functions in the banks. Bank clerks are spread in every department. There is need for a bank clerk to open new accounts, record loan related issues, close a customer accounts, communicate with customers and explain them new plans offered by the bank etc. Similarly, the work of a Bank PO is equally important in a bank. A Bank PO is just one step lower to the bank manager.
Thus, the recruitment for posts like Bank PO and Bank Clerks requires much more attention. Such a strategy has been implemented by IBPS which would allow quality recruitment for these posts. It is the CWE which would be conducted in 2011. Therefore, the banking sector keeps changing its methods of recruitment to suit the public interest where as improving their work as well.

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