Banzhang Wang introduced in detail! "Banzhangwang" is an ancient variety of Puerh tea in Yunnan. It is produced in the old Banzhang tea area in Menghai County, Xishuangbanna. There are about 20 producing areas of Puerh tea. Due to differences in geography, climate, soil, light, and tea types, the taste of Puerh tea produced is also different.

The ancient tea garden that produced the "Banzhang King" is located around Hani Village at an average altitude of 1700 meters in the Bulang Mountain. The tree is more than 200 years old. The largest ancient tea tree has a base circumference of 1.73 meters, a tree height of 4.35 meters, and a crown diameter. 6.24 meters, you need to climb trees to pick tender shoots when picking tea. There are 4490 acres of ancient tea gardens in Lao Banzhang tea area, all of which are wild wild-type large-leaf Puerh tea.

   "Banzhang King" belongs to the top grade of Puerh tea. The raw tea can be brewed after 3 years of aging. After that, the more aged it tastes, the better, and the best period is about 15 years. The award-winning " Banzhang King " at Puerh Tea Estate this year is a 3-year-old raw cake. The tea smells tangy when brewed, the soup is golden in color, the taste is fresh and refreshing, there is no roughness at all, and the sweetness is obvious, and the cup tastes fragrant Up to about 2 hours.

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