As a beginner in ice hockey, you need to know the necessary equipment to learn the sport.

Ice hockey gear

Here, we have a list of things you need to buy to start your journey.


Arguably the most critical element is the circular vulcanized rubber known as a puck. It weighs around 2-3 pounds and comes with a 2mm thick covering. The diameter is typically 80mm.

Hockey stick

When exploring a hockey shop, you will find that hockey sticks are made of either graphite or wood. These are around 150 to 200 cm long and come with a flat horizontal extension called the blade. The blade is slightly bent and makes the player sway the puck. Hockey sticks for the goalie come with a broader knife to make it easier for them to block the puck.


Ice hockey helmets are mandatory for every player because the game is rough. They can additionally use a face cage. Usually, these helmets are made with thermoplastic on the outside. At the same time, the padding on the inside is firm and shock absorbent.


To avoid teeth injury and to protect jaws during falls, mouth guards are essential. Mouthguards need to be customized according to the player's size and are mandatory.

Neck guard

With nylon plates on the outside and inner padding for wound resistance, neck guards are crucial for both goalies and skaters.

Arm and shoulder pads

With hard plastic on the outside and shock absorbing foam on the inside, shoulder and arm pads are also essentials. These make your shoulders look broader and protect the chest, spine, shoulders, and ribs during a collision with other skaters.

Elbow Pads

These protect your elbow joints, forearms, lower arms, and upper arms from fractures.


Always choose leather gloves that have thick padding with linen. It protects the fingers and gives you the right grip.


Choose the right pair of knee-length pants that support safety belts.

Shin pads

It is crucial to have the right calf protector that has a heavy plastic cover on the outside. These protect you from all possible injury from sticks and pucks. You need to customize these according to your size.


Hockey socks are not your regular socks. The material is knitted wool but without the foot, area to allow shin pads. Foot portion makes players balance their skates.

Ice skates

It would help if you had the right shell boots with memory foam for the sole and rounded heels. Also, it would help if you had attachable staking blades for playing the sport. If you are a goalie, you need thicker ones with more radius and little ankle support to glide smoothly.


It would be best if you had loose nylon t-shirts for playing the sport. It will depend on who you play for and customize the number given to you.

Arm and chest protector

Goalies need to have thick padded foam in their arms and chest to protect their abdomen from a flying puck.


The goalie also needs blockers to hold their hockey stick. These are padded gloves that shape like rectangles and block pucks from reaching the goal.
Catch gloves

Trappers or catch gloves also belong to the goalie, who needs to wear thicker leather gloves to catch the puck or prevent it from making through.

Leg pads

Goalies need extensive foam pads on their legs. These protect their legs from the puck. They also need good shin pads for more safety. These also help the goalie block a puck better.

Final thoughts

Now that you know what you need to start your ice hockey experience, buy these products, and start learning.

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