Memory is the capacity to retain information in the mind. The organ that works behind retaining information in the mind is the brain. The brain plays an important role in memory improvement. Every individual has a brain, but you may realize that all individuals don’t have the same memory quality. Why is it so? It is due to the mind aspect which plays an important role in retaining and improving memory. The mind has got an enormous power. One must first learn to use the mind in the most effective way. For memory improvement, mould your mind in the sense; bring the thought process into control. Meditation aids in calming the mind and it also helps in improving the memory. Once you calm down your mind, then the brain which has got lots of capacity can be used for storing information.

Memory Improvement helps to improve the future of an individual through career improvement, thereby the quality of life of an individual also improves. Improving the memory helps one to feel more confident in life. Memory improvement techniques can help one to improve the memory.

There are many ways of improving memory. Practice some tips that help in improving memory. Practice tips like chanting A-U-M (Used in Yoga practice). Practice of certain yoga’s help in memory improvement. This helps in strengthening your mental or memory powers. The nature of the brain is that the more one uses it, the more it works. You must have come across stage performers who do a lot of memory oriented activities like; they perform and remember so many things at one time. This is possible by strengthening the memory capacity by concentration technique and by repeated practice. Memory can be strengthened by using techniques like mind maps, by using model visualizations, meditation, etc.

The basic requirement in memory improvement techniques, is “paying attention “Attention can be developed by strong determination and reasoning. Paying attention plays an important role in improving memory. Once you create interest then you will automatically start paying attention. To remember something link that with some events or objects so that you get a sequence of events being stored in the memory.

Certain individuals basically will have a very good memory but they never use it. Only if they use it will it improve the memory. First learn the techniques for memory improvement and then you have to train yourself through constant practice. Practice makes one perfect in improving the memory. So practice the technique till it becomes a habit. Gradually you will definitely find yourself in a better position. Memory works by forming connections in the brain.

There are many techniques used in memory improvement. Some of them are

1. Chain method

2. Russian doll method

Chain method:

In this technique imagination is used in order to link images or events. Here pairs are used for linking.

If you need to store it in the memory for a shorter period, this method helps you.

Russian doll method:

In this method, the object or matter to be retained in the memory is inserted into the other related object or link, like how Russian dolls are inserted into one another. This method helps to store matters in memory for a longer time.

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Self effort and continuous practice in using the memory improvement techniques is the secret behind improving the memory. Thus memory improvement is a skill that can be developed by any individual. David Starks has written many articles on this subject and is a renowned author.