Need For A Fish Cleaning Station

If you are an avid fisherman who engages in frequent fishing trips you would understand the importance of having separate and useful items which are essential for cleaning fish. Of these marine products, a fish cleaning table is an essential requirement to make sure you can get the job done properly. It would provide the right space which allows you to finish the task quickly and with ease. Also, as you already be aware, the process often gets quite messy. Therefore by having a separate area for cleaning of fish, you would be able to complete the task in a safe and hygienic manner. Some of the options you could go with when selecting cleaning stations include:

  • Portable cleaning stations which can be installed on a fishing boat
  • Use of a common cleaning station in docks
  • Build your own cleaning station

Selection Criteria For Such Marine Products

When you are selecting a fish cleaning station it is important to note the purpose. This structure will be used for activities such as descaling and gutting of fish so that your catch could be properly stored and preserved until preparation. The main requirement is to carry out this task in a safe and clean manner. The surface of the cleaning station must therefore be free of contaminants and be strong enough to withstand the fish cleaning process.

As with any other marine products the cleaning station is expected to be tolerable of the weather conditions it would be exposed to in the marine environments. For this reason stainless steel has been found to be a common selection due to the durability and strength. Apart from that there are also some commercial grade cleaning stations available in anodized aluminum as well. Overall the structure must be hard enough to resist some tough blows and the cutting surface should ideally be cut resistant.

Another important point to pay attention to is the water source and waste disposal mechanism of the cleaning station. Ideally the structure should have a sink and faucet or running water source. This will help clean the fish as well as allow you to rinse the tools used for the process. The run-off water should have a way to flow out or be collected in a proper manner for disposal. A good cleaning station design will include a waste collection point, be easy to sanitize after use and in addition even have storage space to neatly store your cleaning tools.

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Jerome Julian is a passionate fishermen writes about boat seats, boat T-Tops, fish rod holders, fish cleaning stations, fish cleaning tables and other marine products.