Horses are ones of the people’s best-loved animals, and that goes for the kids as well. Kids adore to watch films and cartoons with horses, desire to play horse games, dream about riding a horse, but at the same time their intense desire to know makes them desire to know everything referred to these wonderful animals. Here are some elementary facts that will be very interesting for every kid.

- Horses are measured in "hands". One ‘hand’ is about 4 inches. Agreeing to that, a high in stature horse will be 16 or 17 hands and a small one approximately 13 or 14 hands. In case you need to assess a horse, you assess it from the base up to the withers which is the highest spot on their shoulders by the neck. Pony is in reality a horse that is smaller than 13 hands.

- Concerning the pigments, you could see horses in about every pigment: black; gray; white; chestnut - dark, rosy brown with a lighter mane and tail; sorrel - rosy brown; bay - dark brown with black "spots"; dappled - mix of black, gray, and white with no apparent spots; paint – white horse with brown blotches, and pinto -white with black blotches; palomino – it goes from golden to tan with white spots; and buckskin - goes from golden to tan, with black spots and a black line down the back.

- Horses consume grass, rather in an open field, and drink a lot of water. Grass could be added on with hay, in case it is inaccessible. From time to time is very good the horse to have some horse goodies like carrots, apples, or sugar cubes. It is beneficial to have in mind when you hand-feed a horse, to lay your palm flat in consideration of fending off any incident nipping.

- For millions of years, the only act that horses were taking was getting away from hungry wolves and big cats. Perhaps it seems at present as it’s otherwise, they live, work and play with people for approximately five or six thousand years, but the point is that they again have in mind that can be somebody's meal, and that is why they are all the time prepared to run. Their speed is their hidden weapon by reason that they could run much more speedy and much longer than most of the animals that chase them.

These were nothing but the elementary facts that kids will need to know concerning horses. In case they have their affection in this field, there are lots books and WebPages committed to horse care and history, buying and training a horse, discovering information concerning their anatomy…

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