For businesses owners, it can be devastating to see their hard earned profits crumble with their computing systems. Accidents happen. And yes, many times they are done on purpose by people with vicious designs. Things like hard drives crashing, files suddenly missing, software malfunctioning and even computers being stolen or destroyed can ruin a business, big or small.

Online business backup solutions have come to the rescue. Also called remote, online or cloud backup service, a data backup service provides users a way to store and backup all types of computer files. It is a system built to adapt to the software program of the client user. It works by collecting, encrypting and transferring data to the backup service provider's off-site hardware or servers. It is easy to use because you don't need an advanced computer science degree and it is secure because your data is kept safe in an external server if disaster strikes your home or office.

What should you look for in an online business backup system? Storage, backup and security are the main features to consider in a backup service but other tools, like file sharing, reporting and remote access, are also useful options. Let's take a look at what makes an ideal backup system.

· Storage and backup space – The size of the storage and backup space you choose will depend on your business' needs. Most backup service providers offer different storage limits, from gigabytes to terabytes, for a regular subscription fee. Others can provide unlimited backup space. The use of multiple backup servers is also a good option to ensure the continuity of services.

· Security – Securing data while they are being transferred and kept in storage is paramount. This is achieved by encryption and the use of highly confidential login names and passwords. Encryption should be done before data is sent across the Internet and it should be stored as encrypted. As an added security measure, users should use their own encryption keys, which should never be made known to the servers.

· Backup capabilities – Backup should be automatic, regular, incremental and simple to use with the aid of a file manager. It should also include an intuitive user interface and versioning feature that keeps a record of all your backup activities. In case you accidentally delete a file, you can always go back to any past version you need.

· Remote access – A good online business backup system allows you to remotely backup your files from multiple computers with web browsers. Some providers also include a mobile app that enables you to use your smartphone to view or revise files.

· Restoration – The ability of users authorized to restore files anytime and anywhere from multiple computers with web browsers is an important feature for businesses. It hastens communication processes, enhances efficiency and boosts productivity.

· Service provider support – Your service provider should be on hand 24/7 to give you help and support. Proactive monitoring, personal visits, tutorials, instant chat forums as well as telephone, email, and other online support facilities should be available day and night.

The best backup solution is one that provides ease of use, powerful security and total control of all vital files, all in just a few clicks. Why take the risk of losing your most guarded files, and may be even the business you've built through the years, when the cloud has so much to offer?
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