Cycling is one of best forms of exercises that we have known because the amount of calories a rider can burn through cycling is more than you can imagine. It is old, basic and yet very promising. Just like driving a car on the road, the geeky cyclist must observe what is around them and also make sure that other drivers see them too. Cycling is not just a fun activity for kids but it is the most beneficial workout that adults can indulge themselves too. Riding bicycle doesn’t need you to be a PRO but it requires you to follow some instructions for your safety. There are some safety tips that you can stick to, to remain safe on road.

There are some basic principle of bicycle safety that can keep you safe on road while you are riding with your group or exploring the surroundings solely:

1. Bicycling training Keeps You Safe In Road

Bicycle training is something that most people overlook but proper cycling training will keep you safe on road. The training includes proper supervision of an experienced and professional cyclist. Initial training often involves simple instruction from parents on balance and pedaling. Proper supervision of younger riders is essential as the guidelines and safety measures are repeatedly bring into focus. They are taught the correct techniques and about the importance of following the road rules and safety precautions.

2. Investing in Bicycle safety Keeps you safe

Investing in safety equipment such as headgear and protective clothing can prevent significant injuries. The proper helmet can protect your head and can reduce the risk of head injuries by 85%. Proper bicycle selection, maintenance and safety equipment are must for every rider. Investing a good amount on the maintenance will keep your bicycle in good condition and that will reduce the risk of an accident.

3. Bicycle safety guideline You have to follow

Bicycle safety tips and guidelines help ensure your ride goes smoothly. Every rider needs experience and skill before bicycling on public roads. They must be educated about the rules of the road. The rider must have a thorough understanding about sharing the road with motorcyclists and other heavy vehicles. The rider should always pay attention to the surrounding elements like the opening of car doors, sewer gratings or debris on roads, uneven surfaces and poorly lit areas. Moreover, the rider must obey the mentioned rules of bicycling:

1. Choose the bicycle as per your body size and shape:

You should always ride a bicycle that is right for your height. Riding a bicycle which is too big or small for your size will make it difficult for you to handle and control it.

2. Always wear a bicycle helmet

Nothing protects you like a helmet. Be sure to put your helmet before you go- you don’t have to be going fast or far to risk serious head injuries.

3. Chose your route wisely

Look for your path before leaving and try to choose the route which is quiet and doesn’t have much traffic for a safer ride.

4. Always use hand signals

Use hand signals to let drivers and other bicyclists know where you’re going. Look and make eye contact. Don’t assume drivers will stop.

5. Follow traffic signals

You must follow the traffic signals while riding the bicycle. Stop at the red signal and wait for the signal to turn green so that you can ride.

6. Check your bicycle before you go

Before taking your cycle for the drive make sure

a. Tires are inflated properly.
b. Brakes are tight enough.
c. The chain is running smoothly. Spin the crank. If the chain is rusty and making noise, it may need to be oiled.

Whatever and wherever you are riding, it is always recommended to follow safety tips and road safety rules. Make sure you don’t hurt yourself or others.

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