Website design should not only be attractive, but also search engine friendly, in order to maximize site visibility. There are a few fundamental steps to SEO friendly web design services. In the following paragraphs, we discuss some of the most important elements of the SEO compatible web design service.

Attractive title and title

In the SEO friendly web design service, it is imperative to include a unique title tag and description on each page. Major search engines display the first 65 to 67 characters of the title, and therefore the page title should be no more than 67 characters (with spaces). Specific keywords should be incorporated into the title. The same is the rule in the case of the page description. The characters searched by the search engines in the case of the description of a page are 165 and, therefore, the limit must be as it is, with the keywords distributed evenly.

SEO friendly web design services also emphasize the use of header tags (H1, H2, and H3 tags). Emphasizing key phrases with the heading tag helps increase the relevance of keywords and helps search engines gain insight into page content.

'Alt' tags

In SEO friendly web design services, 'Alt' tags are used for images to keep textual information out of images. Search engine spiders cannot recognize images, and 'Alt' tags help spiders by providing information about images, allowing them to index. Specific keywords are used in 'alt' tags.

CSS navigation and CSS style sheets

CSS dropdown navigation and CSS stylesheets are two crucial practices in the SEO-friendly web design service. Unlike Flash and JavaScript, CSS navigation makes text crawlable and indexable by search engine spiders. CSS Navigation helps search engine spiders index the information used in the navigation menu and also helps spiders to follow hyperlinks used on site pages. Therefore, the CSS drop-down navigation menu is used for better visibility in search engine crawling.

Using CSS style sheets also brings many benefits to the search engine friendly web design service. CSS Stylesheets helps a page load quickly, allowing search engine spiders to crawl pages at a faster rate.

No use of hidden texts, flash and frames *

The use of hidden text, flash and frames are some of the prohibited practices in SEO web design services. The background color should not be the same color as the body text, as search engine spiders cannot index pages with the same background color and text, and pages can even be penalized or banned in SERPs.

Although flash designs look good visually, they prevent search engine spiders from crawling. The content inside the flash is ignored. The same is the case with the frame, where the search engine spiders do not see the content inside the frames. However, using the andlt; NOFRAMESandgt; The tag will allow search engine spiders to index some of the content on the page.

Sitemap file

The sitemapfile xml should ideally be located at the root of a website, as this location is frequently visited by search engines. Designers must also create an HTML version of the sitemap and use the webmaster tools and submit the sitemap to Google.

404 errors

One of the basic dusty aspects of a web designer is checking if the site is protected against 404 errors. 404 errors usually occur due to a faulty link and the cause of the errors can be identified with the help of Google Webmaster Tools . To design and develop a website, webmasters seek WordPress help. The development of the WordPress website has several benefits, since it allows to develop web applications with database, front-end and administrative administration. WordPress website development is easy, fast and profitable. The registration and login of users from the front-end and its administration from the back-end is possible in WordPress. Web pages can be organized and web content shuffled as needed. For more visit here

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Although flash designs look good visually, they prevent search engine spiders from crawling.