Bringing new pets such as dogs into your home means acknowledging a new responsibility. This responsibility includes teaching the dog what you expect them to do in your home.

While it is not the dog's duty to automatically know what to do, you need to get down on the bare floor to view the world from the dog's perspective. Asides a puppy proof, items would need to be moved around the house.

Towels are to be moved too as dogs will view them as tug toys when they are bored. You should even move your chairs if you have to. If you do not want your home to have a different appearance, then basic skills are needed to train your dog properly.

Skills To Teach Your Dog

  • A crate as a new home

For dog owners who do not trust their dogs to maintain their home before they get back from work, they should provide a safe place for them. They will learn to stay in this place like their own home within the house.

  • Focus games

Body language is a dog's first language. Dogs pick up on owner’s hand movements. You will have to teach your dog to look at you and to collect a treat. When dogs are comfortable with staring directly at their owners, they will focus on you in cases of distractions.

  • Commands and gymnastics

You can teach your dog commands gymnastics via gesture, capturing the behavior when they perform it themselves or positioning them yourself.

Generally, dogs do not automatically know how to walk on leashes; they are taught to do that. Owners can try it out when they engage in short walks, and over time the dogs will learn to love it.

To Wrap It Up

The most complex thing owners are plagued with in training their dogs is how to recall commands. For a command like “come,” the owner will have to practice often with large rewards. Dogs will link coming towards their owners with a good thing.

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