Internet, except its basic function as a data base, looks for many ways to connect people. It offers many different types of communication, relating people on the basis of their interests and needs. That’s why Facebook, Twiter, Messenger, Skype and other social networks are so popular, they have functional and entertaining purpose. You could share important informations, news or happenings, but also you could have a casual chat with your friends or with strangers that have similar interests.

In this group of internet tools for communication are included the chat rooms, with the difference that by their essence they are intended for chatting about a theme that attracts people who are interested in that topic. Cyber chat appeared around the nineties as a subculture of role playing fanatics and a place where they could free - form their experience in role playing games with other chatters with same interests. Fans of this kind of games found the use of these chat rooms easy and enjoyable.

They are imagined as a special part of a website, or even own website, that allows people to communicate instantly. Firstly, the communication via these chat rooms included sending text messages only but now the participants could use voice and upload images.

The procedure of entering into one of these chat rooms is very easy and doesn’t require any special effort. The only problem that you may encounter is finding a chat room designed for a special group of people and with a limit who is allowed to register. For example in chat rooms run by colleges, usually only current and former students are allowed to register.

First you should find a server that caters your interests. For example, Nexxus Chat, Role Play Chat and Mystical Realms are sites that offer a stable community of fantasy role players. You need a user name and password to register. Users usually don’t use their real name while talking and some pages require creating of a whole character. With the registration the user can see who is in the chat room, and with typing a message into a text box and hitting the "Enter" key, everyone else can see his message. That’s how the communication begins and in some cases people just read messages without participating in the conversation what is called "lurking."

Every room has its own rules that should be respected but also there are some general rules - you should never try to monopolize a conversation, insult someone or interrupt someone. Also is considered as impolite typing in all capital letters, what is similar as yelling.

In any case, this is very interesting way to change information about your favourite topics or to be someone else just for a while.

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