It goes without saying that people who are in power are influential.

An influential person usually doesn't have a hard time getting other people to do something or listen to his personal views. Basically, an influential person can make things happen with just a snap of the finger. When you are influencing someone, you are changing his behavior in a way. But before you can become a source of influence, you must first have an understanding of the human behavior.

Did you know that the word "because" has a profound effect in the way you influence others?

According to a study conducted in Harvard University, when people use "because" often in making a request, they usually get a favorable response. And this is regardless of what comes after the word "because". So when you use the word "because" when you present an idea, expect to have a favorable compliance regardless of what you say.

This way, the word "because" is already a point of influence. It already shows that you are not a control and command leader but one that understands that communication is the key to engagement and explaining purpose is part of effective communication.

Today everyone values their time and energy. Learning the mission, goal or purpose of what we are asked to do help to promote engagement. Engagement means that your staff (or even your teenager!) is more productive, happy and willing to provide greater service to your clients, teams and stakeholders.

Overall everyone wins, just "because."

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Author's Bio: 

Debora McLaughlin is an ICF certified Executive & Business Coach, Consultant and Mentor. Known as the Personal Power of Influence Coach Debora works with executives, business owners and their managers to optimize profits, people and performance, creating influential leaders worldwide. She is a popular Speaker and well-known author of Blueprint for Success with Stephen R. Covey and Ken Blanchard, Roadmap for Career Success,Blueprint to Business Success Program, and forthcoming Personal Power of Influence.

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