Australia is a beautiful country with rich cultural background. Apart from the rich cultural background, there are many things to do and wonderful places to visit in Australia. The country is divided into 7 main regions namely Western Australia, Northern Territory, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. Most people who plan to visit Australia would want to visit either Melbourne or Sydney which are the 2 most popular cities in Australia.

This article is based on Melbourne tourism and has important tips for visitors. What can you do in Melbourne?

There are many interesting things for you to enjoy in Melbourne; A tour around the wonderful city of Melbourne which has one of the best transportation network in Australia will help you see the beauty of city life. If you are someone who enjoys city life, then Melbourne is the right place for you to visit. Most tourists who visit Melbourne city are always attracted to the eureka skydeck 88 which is currently the tallest building in the southern hemisphere. But if you enjoy nature and relaxation, then Melbourne have got the right places for you to visit too.

Around Melbourne are wonderful suburbs and islands with rich natural influence, places like Great ocean road, Phillip island penguin parade, Ballarat sovereign hill, The Grampians and Yarra valley wineries. One of the good things about tours in Melbourne is the provision of package tours where you can visit different tour destinations. The most popular tourist destination in Melbourne is the great ocean road where over two million people visit yearly.

Phillip island is also popular to visitors because of the penguin parade available and feeding of Australian national animals.

During the winter most visitors from the South-East Asia are attracted to the snowfields at Mount Buller where they can partake in skiing and sightseeing.

These and many more interesting places surround Melbourne. Some other things to consider as a first time visitor to Melbourne is the food, transportation and weather.

Melbourne is blessed with a rich multi-cultural community which makes the city and communities around a very livable place for anyone irrespective of race and cultural background. You are very sure to find people of Europe backgrounds, middle east, Africans and Asians in Melbourne, this creates availability of different kinds of food in Melbourne restaurants. In other words, you can say that Melbourne is a home for all.

The transportation network in Melbourne is well connected with good road and railway network. There is almost no place in Victoria that is not connected and this makes it easier for you to move from place to place with no hassles. You have the choice of either using a bus, tram or train.

The weather conditions in Melbourne are not to the extreme. Though it is said that you can have four seasons in one day. It can be very cold and rainy in the winter, warm in the summer, but most people prefer the spring time where the weather is modest.

At the end of the day you can tell from reading this, the reason why most Australian visitors prefer Melbourne as a tourist destination.

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