One of the fastest and toughest sports gets played on a court 94 feet by 50 feet. It is basketball and the best players in the world to date are LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Kobe Bryant. Why is this game so tough? It involves non-stop movement of the arms. It is no wonder then that the basketball uniforms are so skimpy and without sleeves.

Contradiction in Size of Uniform
One does not get an idea of the toughness of the game by looking at the basketball uniform. But, this uniform is also tough. It remains made to high standards so they will last out the season. For most cases, the uniforms come in one single color but at times, it may have blocks and stripes on it. This complete kit consists of a jersey without sleeves, a pair of shorts, socks and shoes. You can order the complete kit from the following manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters: 

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Playing the Game
In a basketball game, there are two teams having five players each. The size of a basketball is about 24 cm in diameter. The players aim to shoot the ball through a hoop placed at the other end of the court. The hoop is about 46 cm in diameter placed at a height of 10 feet. One scores two points (three, if they shoot from outside the D) and the team with the most points at the end of the stipulated time, wins.

Players advance the ball by bouncing the ball while walking (or running). They have to get past the players of the opposing team. One may not drag the feet without dribbling the ball, carry the ball, push any opposing player, or hold the ball without dribbling it. If one does these things, a foul gets called and the opposing teams get a free throw. Now, that you have got an idea of the game lets us the characteristics of the basketball uniform material.

Choosing the Right Material
Choice of the material is important for two important aspects. These are the way the material absorbs sweat and the other way it stretches. If the material is not a wicking material, that is the material absorbs sweat, then the player will begin to feel uncomfortable as he keeps playing. Second, if the material is not stretchable, then it restricts the player when he moves on the court.

Choice of a stretchable, wicking material like spandex or polyester is vital. It keeps the player cool while allowing them to move with freedom on the court. It is normal for the team to order its basketball jerseys well before the season begins. This allows them to have a couple of practice matches wearing their team colors. Their minds become open to passing the ball and recognize their teammate fast on the court. This will speed up their game considerably and help them win more games.

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