Superior Bath Repair supply a quick and efficient bath resurfacing and bath repairs service East Grinstead & West Sussex area. Restore your bath; we undertake chip repair renovation with cleaning and nonslip resurfacing leaving your bath as new. Our bathtub restoration results in complete bath renewal.

From "fleets" of baths in the biggest hospitals and hotels to single baths in your own home. At, we consider no job to be too large or too small and offer the same level of thorough professionalism and comprehensive service to every customer.

The Superior Bath Repair processes have stood the test of time. Hundreds of thousands of baths have now been treated in private houses, stately homes, luxury hotels, ocean liners, schools, hospitals, HM Forces accommodation, Government departments, Local Authorities, property companies and, increasingly, for builders and contractors.

Superior Bath Repair Services can give your bath a new lease of life - and save you pounds at the same time, By repairing and completely resurfacing your bath in white or one of Renubath's range of standard colors. A skilled Superior Bath Repair operator will give your bath a face-lift in two to three hours, in your home, without moving so much as a bath-mat.

The result is a glossy bath that looks like a new bath - at a fraction of the cost. What's more, the newly-applied surface is very strong, resistant to hot water, easy to clean, guaranteed for 12 months, and will stay looking like new for years if it's properly cared for.

Before you condemn your bath and invest in a new one with all the associated installation costs and inconvenience, contact Superior Bath Repair at 01342 349 937.

What is Resurfacing or Refacing?

Resurfacing is a process of restoring your bathroom tub. This process offers several choices of finish (although less compared to the choices available for a new bath), these finishes range from classic to contemporary. This solution offers certain advantages and disadvantages, including two major ones: a new design, a new configuration without limitation, more current and trendy are not possible with Resurfacing and on the other hand, the final cost of the restoration generally represents a saving not more than 20% compared to a completely new bathtub.


Resurfacing improves the appearance of the bath in the short term, this method ensures that the bath remains functional for a good part of the renovation period.

The disadvantages

Resurfacing is not the best option when the operation requires several interventions, as mentioned above, this method does not allow to modify the design nor does it allow to mitigate the irritants of the existing bathtub. When the doors need to be changed, new holes in the boxes must be drilled for the hinges. If new instruments are chosen, several modules may become obsolete; the time of the measurer and the home installer is much longer than factory production and to obtain a coherent result and an improved appearance, it is necessary to replace the edges of the modules, the visible sides of the cabinets, etc.

In summary

The choice of the renovation method requires reflection and depends on the objectives of each. It is however interesting to note that a new bathtub offers a multitude of possibilities, is more current, better adapted to needs, more ergonomic thanks to the new designs and that in the end, the cost difference between a resurfacing and a new is minimal. , on the other hand, the return on the investment in the short, medium and long term of the option new bath is generally much higher than resurfacing.

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This is why our Bath Resurfacing procedure is in high demand and people across the UK are keeping their old baths and instead of replacing