Basically, bathroom design lighting should be considered with different kinds of options. There is practicality, safety, style and decoration. When considering viability, what comes to mind are the cheap light bulbs and dark figures we generally see in poor thriller or thriller movies. But today, one can take advantage of energy efficient light bulbs that provide enough brightness to fill the entire bathroom. Plus, these bulbs, in addition to being cheaper, can help you cut costs on your energy bill. A little concern for our environment will do you a lot of good.

Since this is a design, bathroom design lighting must also feature various creative designs for lights to reproduce in a room. Keeping in mind the purpose of the room, however, for hygiene and beautification, lighting designs can enhance the room for a more pleasant and easy to clean way. For example, to have an easier way of beautifying, applying makeup, or shaving your face, you can install bathroom lights on both sides of the mirrors. They will soften their characteristics and avoid annoying shadows. In addition, you can install counter, mirror, or sink bulbs depending on the theme or style of your bathroom. But always remember that it is better to install central lighting in your bathroom, which limits bathroom light bulbs and therefore saves energy and electricity costs.

Water, humidity and air greatly affect the wear and tear on your bathroom lights. Bathroom design lighting is not only limited to lighting designs and fixtures, but also ensures safety in every bathroom. The bulbs should be placed in areas where the water should not touch them. Otherwise, a protective cover must be placed so as not to risk the safety of those who use the bathroom, especially the young and old.

Of course, practicality and safety should not compromise style and decoration. Since lighting can greatly affect the mood of a room, using the bathroom should be a pleasant habit and a form of relaxation. Bathroom design lighting comes in different shapes and sizes that can also save energy. Depending on the theme of your bathroom, there are many designs to choose from, be they elegant little cylindrical, sconce-shaped lamps, Victorian or romantic lamps or just basic fluorescent lights. Just make sure it doesn't conflict with the overall bathroom design and compromise safety measures.

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Basically, bathroom design lighting should be considered with different kinds of options.