Admit it – your bathroom is the most neglected space in your house when it comes to organization. You always tell yourself that you’ll make time to organize your shower and underneath your sink, but it simply never happens.

Often, bathrooms are some of the most used spaces in the home – with all members of the family cramming in there in the mornings to brush their teeth, shower and get ready for work and school. However, bathrooms are often extremely neglected when it comes to organization – and in small spaces, this can lead to disaster.
Rest assured, however, that you can remake your bathroom in a way that will allow you to maximize space in your water closet and get things organized! An organized bathroom is a great bathroom – a bathroom that will help you get the kids to school early and help you get to work on time. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Over the Toilet Storage Unit

One of the greatest bathroom organizer tools is the over toilet storage unit. Many people neglect to think of looking up when it comes to storage – instead, they shove everything underneath the sink. The truth is, there’s plenty of empty space above your toilet, so you might as well make use of it!

An over the toilet organizer creates lots of extra storage in a small space, and can also be a great decorating tool. Generally, the base fits over all standard fixtures and features a storage tower on either side with toilet paper and tissue dispensers! It’s all there, from space for extra towels and cleaning supplies, to vanity shelves for mementos and fresh flowers that will liven up your space. You’ll also often find a built in magazine rack and frosted glass tops that let the shine through.

Tension Shower Organizer

Tension shower organizers might just be the greatest invention known to man – and yet they are sorely under-utilized. These expandable five tier corner shower organizers require no drilling and no tools, thanks to their tension rod design, which grabs onto the corner of your bathtub on one end and your ceiling on the other end.

This great tool can be set up in minutes and provides tons of extra shelving for all of your shampoos, conditioners and soaps. In most busy families, everyone likes their own shampoo, their own conditioner, their own body wash. Dad has his aftershave in there, and mom keeps her fancy face wash in there as well – there’s only so much space on the rim of the bathtub, so why not set up a tension shower organizer?

All the shelves of this organizer are adjustable, so you can set them at different levels depending on where you want them. This also serves to accommodate larger items, so if you’re buying your shampoos in bulk, you’re still good to go! The spring-loaded rod stretches in size and, hence, fits almost any shower around. It’s also easy to install, with no tools necessary - what’s not to like?

Three Roll Tissue Tower

Worried that your guests won’t know where to find the extra toilet paper? If you don’t have tons of closet space in your bathroom or space underneath your sink to accommodate extra toilet paper, consider a tissue tower. These towers fit anywhere from three to five rolls in style, with elegant silver and gold plated chrome designs.

Expandable Under Sink Shelf

We know you – you’ve got tons of cleaning supplies and hair supplies under your sink, and you have no idea how to organize them. Enter a two tier expandable shelf, which adjusts to fit even the tightest of storage areas in the bathroom. Underneath your sink, you can have five removable panels on each shelf, which allow your pipes to get through if they need to – talk about smart design!
These shelves help you neatly organize all of your cleaning supplies and toiletries, so that the tub cleaner can sit comfortably next to your fanciest face products. There’s no reason why the under-areas of your sink have to be a total mess when simple shelves will help you quickly and easily organize. These steel mesh shelves are easy to install and require no tools whatsoever – it’s as easy as one, two, three!

As you can see, organizing your bathroom to maximize space and add storage isn’t nearly as complicated as you’d think! With some simple organization tools and a bit of elbow grease, you can transform your bathroom from a clutter-filled mess to a serene, well-organized space with tons of storage and a whole lot of style. Whether you’re adding tower storage above your toilet, an expandable under sink shelf, a toilet paper tower or all of the above, you’re sure to end up with a bathroom that makes you feel great.

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