Currently standing as one of the most popular elements of bathroom furnishings, freestanding baths are appropriate both for modern and classic looking interior spaces.

  • Owing to its space capacity, a freestanding bath offers quality comfort for bathing.
  • Its royal style can transmute any average looking bathroom into one of the focal points of your home.
  • Such baths are usually fitted in the centre of the bathroom (but there is no such rule), and it truly helps enhances the pleasures of bathing more so if you choose a model which comes with a whirlpool feature.

It Is Suitable For Small-To-Medium Bathrooms?

The common notion is that freestanding bathrooms are primarily dedicated to spacious bathrooms. But that is only half-true. In the market, you will come across freestanding tubs in varied lengths and widths to refashion bathrooms of all sizes.

They even vary in depth, varying from 38cm to 50cm. The shallowest tub also referred to as shower trays are available in 30cm depth, and they are mainly suitable for the elder members of the family.

When planning your bathroom remodelling with a freestanding tub, what you need to focus on is the length (which includes the legs and frames of the tub) and depth of the model.

Also, choose the appropriate shape which complements the existing space aesthetics. The popular choices in the market include: Rectangular bathtubs, Oval-shaped tubs, and Asymmetrical tubs.

Also Closely Look Into Its Functionality

When planning a bathroom revamp with a freestanding tub being the centre of attention, you need to look into the functionality of the model. Again the market consists of a litany of options which harmonises functionality with every style arrangement.

Right from vintage and retro décor, to classic, Scandinavian to more modernistic and industrial trends which focus on minimalism. 

There are some who even say that freestanding baths tend to lose heat quicker than a built-in tub. Again this differs from model to model. And although the design of a built-in tub does keep the water warmer mainly due to the insulation behind its walls, Acrylic freestanding baths also tend to hold the heat longer.

So, keeping this in mind, when you choose a model, opt for Acrylic freestanding baths, preferably with a stainless steel frame, fibreglass and resin reinforced at its backend. This will prove to be a very practical solution, whatever be the size or aesthetics of your bathroom space.

Speak To Your Renovation Specialist About Reinforcing The Floor Underneath Before Installing:

This is because freestanding baths are heavier than built-in bathtubs. Plus, when you fill it with water and someone sits inside, that weight only increases. Fortunately for you, this is a consideration for every homeowner wanting to revamp their bathroom space using a freestanding bathtub.

Speak to your renovation specialist about floor reinforcements underneath, especially if your house is a bit rickety and old.

Freestanding Baths Are Definitely Worth Your Investment:

These tubs will charm any onlooker with its classic appearance. It induces an appreciative elegance into the bathroom and gives you the freedom to install it anywhere as per your suitability. Plus, they come in all shapes, sizes and designs, making it a highly practical option for bathrooms of all designs and ergonomics.

So speak to your expert specialising in bathroom renovations in Perth and look to install a freestanding bathtub to make it a focal point of your house.

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The author… has heaps of experience in bathroom renovations in Perth and is also a notable supplier of freestanding baths to homeowners in the region.