With the new year in full swing, we’re already receiving requests for new trends in bathroom remodeling. While it’s important to choose design elements you will love for the years to come, incorporating a few of these design trends will keep your bathroom relevant and fresh.

For ideas and inspiration, here are eight bathroom trends for 2022:

Matte Black Fixtures – Think sink hardware, drawer hardware, and even window trim and mirror edging. Paired with an overall clean look, matte black fixtures really pop and fashion a spa-like atmosphere.
White Marble: Last year was all about marble with unique designs and even pops of color. But in 2022 it’s back to the classic, always in style, crisp and clean – white marble. Use it on the walls, the floor, or the vanity countertops.
Bold Wallpaper – Yes, wallpaper is back! Generally used in larger bathroom suites on an accent wall, more and more homeowners are requesting wallpaper with bold colors and patterns. Simple to install, wallpaper is a fun way to showcase your personality and can be easily changed or removed to keep up with future trends. For small bathrooms, skip the wallpaper and opt for a clean coat of paint instead.
Soft Colors – Basic achromatic colors like black and white, gray, beige tones, and muted pastels are trending this year. Loved for their neutrality, they are being paired with elements such as the matte black fixtures and bold wallpaper listed above. The result – a calm, inviting bathroom.
Vintage Furniture – Whether it’s a chest of drawers, armoire, or decorative cart to house your bath towels and toiletries, a vintage furniture piece is not only visually appealing but also a topic of conversation. Matched with the bathroom trends previously discussed, vintage furniture accomplishes an old Hollywood, timeless look.
Open Showers – Not only are open showers beautiful and impressive in design, but they’re also practical. There’s also flexibility in the design as you can create an open shower to be very large if your space allows. Decorated with marble, tile, stone, or a combination, open showers in 2022 will be more simplistic in design and color combinations compared to previous years.
Plants – It’s no secret that house plants have become increasingly popular in recent years, accomplishing a bohemian vibe. In 2022, that translates to the bathroom as well. Whether it’s hanging plants, plant shelves, or a little of both, they add an air-purifying benefit and a way to bring nature indoors.
Technology: Still relevant from last year is incorporating smart technology into your bathroom design. Utilize it to de-mist your mirrors, display the temperature, add USB chargers, and more. Typically, we’d suggest disconnecting from technology and treating your newly renovated bathroom as a way to relax and recharge. However, there are times when you may want to sync your smartphone to your Bluetooth speaker and escape with your favorite playlist or station.

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Choose design elements you will love for many years, yet incorporate a few new design trends will keep your bathroom relevant & fresh.