The idea of going for a complete bathroom renovation in 2019 is relatively a good idea for Aussies, as this year a lot of new features and trends have been added to the list. And, many contemporary designs and sophisticated layout have been listed to make the interior look more appealing and worth appreciating for.

The first step towards a successful bathroom renovation is certainly taking your time and start planning. But, before that also, you need to take a close look at the trends of bathroom designing.

Don’t go for any random design if you are not sure about what to choose and what to discard. Talk to the experts of bathroom renovations in Brisbane when you are confused about your choice. They will guide you to pick the best of the lot.

  • Going for Minimal Design

There is no doubt about the fact that going for minimal design is undoubtedly one of the hottest trends of 2019 bathroom designing. Minimal designs can be achieved by choosing neutral pallets and compact styling. Look for inspirations of how to make your bathroom appear contemporary with the minimal design.

  • Going by Space Saving Methods

If you are not going for a big and luxurious bathroom, then you should always keep the factor of space in mind. Space crunch issues are quite common, and the trend designers will be following is to keep everything out of the floor. They will add the furniture, shelves and cabinets but nothing will touch the floors.

  • Welcome Designs and Patterns in the Tiles

There are so many experiments with tiles that can happen this year. Check out various patterns and designs in the tiles available in the market. Combine the patterned wall tiles with that of the neutral solid coloured tiles or switch the combination.

You can also use the patterned tiles on a single wall for creating a feature wall. Even, some designers have suggested going with a single coloured or patterned tiles of various sizes.

One important tip here! Tiles play a big part in making your bathroom look spacious enough. So, choose wisely and create a space illusion.

  • Go for Round Shape in Bathroom Accessories

As per the luxury home builders in Brisbane, in recent times, the homeowners prefer to go with round shaped bathroom accessories. Be it the bathroom basins or standalone baths; you are about to use in your bathroom, you should go with a round shape with thick borderlines around.

  • Playing with Colours

In case, you are bored with the neutral pallets; it will be a wise decision to go for the colours. There are some fantastic 3D designed coloured tiles in the market along with geometrical and fish scale tiles. Shades always give a distinctive, modern and dramatic look to any space. But, don't forget to put that extra effort in choosing the additional compatible accessories to deck your bathroom.

  • Concentrate on Taps and Fixtures

Last but not least, a bathroom design will never be that impressive if you don't select your taps and other fixtures accordingly. The lighting arrangement also plays a significant role in it to make sure your bathroom looks stand out from the rest.

Follow these trends you give a contemporary finish to the bathroom interior this year.

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The author is considered as one of the most renowned luxury home builders in Brisbane who have enough experience in carrying out several projects of bathroom renovations in Brisbane and also updated with the recent trends in this sector.