The art of bathroom renovation has so many dimensions attached with it. However, these dimensions change with the very purpose of renovations.

For instance, the approach to renovating a bathroom to give it an ethnic, classical look will surely differ from the procedure that is followed to add a contemporary edge.

Likewise, for a household that has seniors, the approach to bathroom renovation has to be a bit different. There are a few points to be kept in mind while carrying out all the upgrades.

Opting for Zero-threshold shower

This is an essential part of bathroom renovation for the seniors. A zero threshold shower is the one that does not have any curb. Which means a walker or a wheelchair will be able to move smoothly into the shower area without any hassle whatsoever.

Also, this type of shower does not need a door to be installed as the floor features a gradual slope that converges into the drain. Trench lines can also be incorporated all around the shower perimeter to ensure the water is confined within the designated shower area. 

A built-in seat is also a great idea of bathroom renovations in Sydney for the seniors. Regardless of the kind of shower installed, the floor needs to have the non-slip tiles. They need to be stylish, yet at the same time, textured, which will arrest any slip up resulting from wet shower slippers. 

Installation of Shower Head

Besides the zero-threshold showers, installation of a handheld showerhead is also a useful component of bathroom renovations for the elders.

This gives easier cleaning control. Besides, it is also essential to install the controls at a height, which can easily be reached even by an individual in a wheelchair.

Installation of anti-scald mixing valves will help the temperature of the shower water be at a safe level during winters, thereby protecting the elders from burns.

Installation of Grab Bars

This is another crucial facet of bathroom renovations in Strathfield for the seniors. These grab bars are in fact, the last minute saviours for the elders in the events of slip-ups. These bars can help the seniors move around in the bathroom with more confidence.

They can be put up in several ways:

  • A pair of bars on the wall at the side of the bathtub within the sitting as well as standing ranges
  • They can be put up at the three walls around the shower. Controls near the grab bar will be of immense help.
  • They can also be put up close to the toilet

The storage

When it comes to equipping the bathroom with storage, pull -drawers are always easier to open than the cupboards for the seniors. However, installation of open storage will not only provide a contemporary look and feel to the bathroom but will also help the senior family members to grab washcloth or towel rather quickly. 

So when bathroom renovations are carried out with all these points in mind, it gives the seniors a lot of confidence when it comes to taking a bath.

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