Business management is an indispensable part of any business, regardless of whether the purpose is commercial or non-commercial. Planning and organizing resources and manpower is necessary for any organization's effective functioning. Businesses and organizations function on a rather large scale, with a large number of employees, customers and resources. Only a skilled manager can handle a managerial task of such a large scale. Although some people possess natural management abilities, they are limited and still require comprehensive management training to effectively handle the functioning of a business or an organization.

Top business managers are generally graduates in business administration. The most common business management course is Master of Business Administration (MBA), which however, is a post-graduate degree course. This proves to be a disadvantage to undergraduates with the motivation and aspiration to pursue a career in management. However, several colleges now offer Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), which is a graduate degree in business management. The overall atmosphere and training level of BBA management schools does not differ significantly from an proper B-school, ensuring that the quality of training is not sacrificed.

The course content of Bachelor of Business Administration aims at achieving a similarity to the course content of MBA, with minor changes and a lower difficulty level. The course content of BBA at the University of Pune consists of 36 different subjects divided in six semesters over a period of four years. The subjects include Business Communication Skills, Business Accounting, Principles of Management and Marketing, Personality Development and International Business, etc. They are aimed at developing the vital skills necessary to tackle the challenges faced during a managerial career with ease.

International School of Business and Media: College of Commerce (ISB&M COC) is one of the top BBA colleges under the University of Pune. The institute focuses on the overall development of a student than merely tend to academic skill and knowledge. This is especially helpful in terms of career growth and security because employers prefer candidates that have qualified from an institute that keeps industry-centric training in mind. The college also has firm industrial bonds and relations with major corporations, which helps them guarantee attractive placements and packages for outstanding students. ISB&M College of Commerce's comprehensive training methodology is combined with an infrastructure that enhances the learning experience. The college campus is set in a scenic environment away from the city's noise and pollution, ensuring a calm and peaceful atmosphere throughout the year, which is vital for effective learning.

The institute chosen by an aspiring business manager plays a major role in affecting their career. Therefore, it is important for every management aspirant to apply for the institute that fits their needs perfectly and can ensure a secure job that allows a great scope for growth. ISB&M College of Commerce features a modern infrastructure, experienced faculty, employs an effective training methodology and creates an overall professional environment that molds a personality befitting a business manager. This makes ISB&M: COC an intelligent choice for pursuing a bachelor of business management course. For more information please visit :

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